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The application of fiber optic temperature measurement technology in high-voltage switchgear and the characteristics of fiber optic sensors

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What is a good method for high-pressure temperature measurement

There are many ways to measure temperature for high-voltage equipment nowadays. For temperature detection of low-voltage power equipment, platinum resistors, thermocouples, and other temperature measurement methods are usually used. These sensing elements are placed on the charged body, and the temperature signal of the charged body is converted into an electrical signal, which is sent to the temperature detector for detection. However, for charged bodies with high voltage levels above 6kV, traditional temperature measurement methods cannot be used due to the influence of their insulation strength, resulting in direct contact between temperature sensing components and charged bodies.
Fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement is commonly used for temperature detection of high-voltage charged bodies. The high-voltage circuit breaker on the handcart of the high-voltage circuit breaker adopts fiber optic temperature measurement, and fiber optic sensors are installed near the circuit breaker contacts to monitor the temperature on each contact of the circuit breaker in real time, effectively avoiding circuit breaker temperature rise faults caused by overheating of the contacts. The fiber optic thermometer can be fixed on the frame in the distribution cabinet without manual operation, which brings convenience to use. It can achieve online monitoring and directly remove objects, reducing the impact of environmental temperature. The fiber optic thermometer also has no insulation problem, and multi-point temperature measurement allows for better and more accurate temperature measurement.

Fiber optic temperature measurement technology for high-voltage switchgear

FJINNO’s independently developed fiber optic temperature measurement technology for high-voltage switchgear has developed an online temperature monitoring system for high-voltage switchgear based on the principle of fluorescence fiber optic temperature measurement. This temperature measurement system can effectively avoid other temperature measurement methods, such as the limitations of infrared temperature measurement method in high voltage switchgear temperature measurement and the power supply problems of wireless sensor temperature measurement method. The hardware of the high-voltage switchgear temperature measurement system for fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement is complete, and the temperature measurement system is equipped with corresponding system software. The online temperature monitoring system for high-voltage switchgear based on fluorescence fiber optic temperature measurement method has the accuracy and real-time performance of temperature measurement. The results of laboratory testing platform show that the temperature measurement system can accurately and real-time reflect the changes in temperature of high-voltage switchgear, achieve overheating alarm and fault warning, and ensure the safe and reliable operation of the power system.

The advantages of fluorescence fiber optic temperature measurement technology in the power industry

It can solve the temperature monitoring technology problems that have long plagued related industries in special industrial environments such as high voltage, electromagnetic interference, and chemical corrosion. In these special industrial environments, process control, safety monitoring, energy efficiency improvement, and equipment use and production efficiency can be achieved, providing a new temperature sensing concept and technical means.

FJINNO can also provide handheld fluorescent fiber optic thermometers and multi-channel fluorescent fiber optic thermometers, including fiber optic demodulation modules and fiber optic temperature probes.

Fluorescent fiber optic temperature sensors belong to the category of fiber optic sensors, which have special advantages over electrical and infrared temperature sensors

The different classifications of fiber optic temperature sensors, due to the different technical routes used, exhibit many differences in application fields, signal demodulation, performance indicators, parameter drift, stability and reliability, probe structure and lifespan, external dimensions, production processes, and costs when solving safety problems in special temperature measurement industrial environments. Fluorescent, fiber optic grating, Raman/Brillouin, Fabry cavity, and semiconductor fiber optic temperature sensors also exhibit many differences. Compared with other technological routes, fluorescent fiber optic temperature sensors have a wide measurement range and accurate temperature measurement accuracy. Fiber optic temperature measurement has excellent long-term stability and reliability. With the excellent performance advantages mentioned above, fluorescent fiber optic temperature sensors can be widely used in high-voltage electrical equipment monitoring (such as generators, transformers, switchgear, transformers, etc.), industrial microwave (such as food processing, vulcanization process, microwave digestion/extraction equipment, disinfection/drying equipment, etc.), magnetic medical equipment (such as nuclear magnetic equipment, tumor thermal therapy equipment, etc.), explosion-proof industrial environments such as petrochemicals/coal, aviation/ships/high-end scientific research, etc. with high voltage and electromagnetic interference, as well as special temperature monitoring and monitoring fields with high reliability, high stability, and high precision, FJINNO provides OEM and agency cooperation for fiber optic temperature measurement brands, with reasonable prices. Welcome to contact us!




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