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Solution for fiber optic temperature measurement system in highway tunnels

Fiber optic temperature measurement system for highway tunnels

The highway tunnel is a high-risk area for fires. Due to the tunnel being a closed and narrow space with high traffic volume and poor ventilation conditions, vehicle traffic accidents are prone to cause fires and spread quickly, posing a significant threat to the safety of vehicles, personnel, and equipment, resulting in huge casualties and property losses.

If the temperature inside the tunnel can be monitored in real time, an alarm can be given in a timely manner in case of a fire, and the highway management office can be notified to take effective measures to immediately implement traffic control, prevent vehicles from continuing to enter the tunnel, and evacuate vehicles that have entered or around the tunnel entrance in a timely manner. It can reduce the greater harm caused by fires and create space conditions and precious time for firefighters to extinguish them in a timely manner.

Therefore, the linear fiber optic temperature sensing fire detection system produced by Fuzhou Innovation Electronic Science&Tech Co., Ltd. monitors the internal temperature of the tunnel in real time and provides fire warning and alarm, which is crucial for tunnel fire monitoring.


Characteristics of fiber optic temperature control system for highways

1. High temperature measurement accuracy and fast response.

The temperature resolution of the temperature measurement host is 0.1 ℃, and the temperature measurement accuracy is ± 1 ℃. The temperature detection time for each channel is about 5 seconds.

2. Real time online monitoring.

Monitor the temperature of the entire tunnel continuously for 7 × 24 hours, and regularly save temperature measurement data to provide auxiliary data for health monitoring of highway tunnels.

3. Distributed detection without monitoring blind spots.

Real time monitoring can be carried out at every point within the range of temperature measurement optical cables, eliminating blind spots in monitoring and theoretically avoiding the possibility of missed fire reports.

4. Flexible zoning alarm control.

Through the monitoring software of the upper computer, different temperature measurement sections can be partitioned and managed according to customer needs. Generally, every 100M optical cable is set as a partition. Set different alarm parameters for each partition, such as temperature warning, temperature rise warning, temperature alarm, and temperature rise alarm, to accurately distinguish between real and false fires, and eliminate false alarms and omissions.

5. Complete self diagnostic function.

In this system, while detecting the temperature of each temperature measuring optical cable, it can also detect the working status of each temperature measuring optical cable in real time, such as additional losses caused by cable damage or bending, and accurately locate the location of the damage or bending. Through self detection and diagnostic functions, real-time detection of fiber optic cable damage facilitates timely repair and maintenance.



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