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Fibre Optic Temperature Sensors, Custom Manufacturing Service Factory

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Dry-type transformer temperature controller

Dry-type transformer temperature controller


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Fibre optic temperature monitoring system

Fibre optic temperature monitoring system

Real-time temperature monitoring of power equipment, high voltage resistant. Anti-electromagnetic interference

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Why Choose INNO

From product customisation to mass production manufacturing, we are ready to turn your needs into reality with advanced manufacturing solutions that fit your products.

Fiber optic temperature sensor,Distributed fiber optic temperature measurement system,Fiber optic temperature sensor for transformer,Advanced production technology is used to manufacture fiber optic sensors according to international standards and specifications. Whether you are looking for wholesalers, suppliers, factories, manufacturers, or manufacturers, we are your best choice.

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    Self-innovation & R&D

    Self-innovation is the basis of the survival of Inno, Inno has a technology research and development team, and Fuzhou University and other colleges and universities to establish an industry-academia-research institutions, and continue to provide customers with the required temperature on-line monitoring and regulatory early warning system.

  • Excellent craftsmanship and quality

    Excellent craftsmanship and quality

    Attaches great importance to the quality and craftsmanship of the products, strictly in accordance with the ISO9001 quality system for control, product quality is excellent, high reliability of the products and practicality to win the trust of many customers around the world.

  • Reasonable price and good value for money

    Wide range of product applications

    Attaching great importance to the quality and craftsmanship of the products, strictly controlled according to the ISO9001 quality system, the quality of the products is excellent, and the high reliability and practicality of the products have won the trust of many customers all over the world. Including power, medical, laboratory, and even aerospace fields.

  • Choose the manufacturer that's right

    Choose the manufacturer that's right

    Provides one-on-one support services through a skilled sales team and quick response to quotes. Having a comprehensive range of capabilities, a team of experienced engineers and flexible production methods means faster production and shorter lead times.

INNO Products More

Fiber optic temperature sensor,Temperature monitoring system



All products can be customized to meet your needs


01. Confirm the needs of customers.

02. Organize technical meetings and confirm the final design with customers

03. Quote

04. Confirm the order

05. Start production

06. Start packaging and shipping

07. After-sale service



Professional Customize

Project Management


We work hand in hand at every stage of production. Together with our customers, we plan the process flow of your branded product line and develop special methods to perfectly manage the process planning.



Our production team follows global developments, visits and closely follows all the exhibitions held simultaneously around the world, and continues to carry out research and development activities in line with the latest trends in order to meet the requirements of our customers.

Total Quality Management


Our technical equipment ensures a high quality of production, which allows us to meet the various customised requirements of our different customers. This includes product appearance and size, brand display, and function extension.


About us


Industry experience


Highly skilled employees


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Fuzhou Innovation Electronic Scie&Tech Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise with strong strength, the company's main products are: fluorescent fibre optic temperature measurement system, oil-immersed transformer fibre optic temperature online monitoring system, environmental management system, rail transit fibre optic temperature controller, PHM online monitoring system, dry-type transformer temperature controller, etc., and hand in hand with Fuzhou University and other colleges and universities, the company has successfully developed fluorescent fibre optic temperature sensors with independent intellectual property rights, for the integrated Pipeline corridor, oil and gas pipelines, rail transit, electric power, municipal, nuclear power, new energy, chemical industry and other fields to provide temperature, vibration, pressure and other monitoring of the overall solution and application services, in the era of the majestic development of the Internet of Things industry, InnoTech will be surging ahead of the tide and become a provider of intelligent temperature measurement system overall solution and application service providers.

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We are the TOP 10 Fiber Optic Temperature Measurement System Company in 2024, no need to continue searching: wholesale, wholesale, supplier, factory, manufacturer, producer,The countries where the product has been sold include: 1. Asia: Philippines, South Korea, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam 2. West Asia and Africa: United Arab Emirates, South Africa 3. Americas Oceania: Australia, Brazil, Canada, United States, Mexico 4. Europe: Germany, France, Netherlands, Italy, United Kingdom.

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Hot topics related to fiber optic temperature.Advantages of fluorescence fiber optic temperature measurement: 1. Real time monitoring: uninterrupted intelligent online monitoring, integrated alarm control, achieving unmanned operation; 2. Accurate temperature measurement: Fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement has high accuracy, fast response, and wide temperature measurement range; 3. Temperature sensing probe: Fluorescent fiber optic transmission efficiency is fast, the temperature sensing probe directly contacts the measured object, and the display instrument displays the temperature in real time; 4. Alarm control: multi-level alarm temperatures can be set according to actual needs, and combined with temperature rise rate control switches; 5. Fearless of interference: Fiber optic is inherently high-voltage resistant, anti-interference, and can measure temperature in harsh environments, reliable and stable. measurement and temperature sensors
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