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Fluorescent Fiber Optic Temperature Measurement Device/Fiber optic temperature monitoring system/

Customized development cloud platform for fiber optic temperature measurement system software

device management
Centralized monitoring of product terminals
Real time monitoring
Real time display of monitoring data
data storage
Data statistics, analysis, and storage, customizable for querying, exporting, and printing.
alarm management
Real time sound and light alarm reminder
Temperature difference, temperature rise/fall, over temperature alarm and operating status.
Custom settings
Equipment and channel numbers can be named according to user needs for easy management.

  • Product Details

software function

The fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement system uses Modbus RTU protocol communication and communicates with the fiber optic temperature transmitter (lower computer) through serial port, displaying, recording, and monitoring the temperature measurement data of each channel in real time.

Operating environment

Operating System: Win2000, WinXP, Win7, Win8 (64 bit), Win10 (64 bit) Software Support: Office Office software.

Cloud platform (customized):
It can be connected to multiple monitoring devices for data collection and advanced visualization. After logging in, users can view all configured devices on the right side of My Device through the monitoring center, display all channels of the device on the right side, and display the connection status. They can click on the real-time curve of the channel to see the real-time collection curve of the channel, or click on Historical Query to view historical data and export the data.

● Monitoring center: real-time data and connection status; Historical curve query, historical list query, and export.

Trigger: Customized trigger conditions, supporting WhatsApp, email, SMS, and voice call alarms.

Equipment management: supports communication protocols and device channel settings.

● Device map: Supports longitude and latitude positioning, allowing for quick device positioning.

Data download: supports downloading data according to definitions.

Cloud configuration: Customized display components for diversified display.

Mobile application: Bind a mobile app, which can be used to monitor devices and receive phone alarms.

User Center: Contact list, account related information query.




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