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Scope of Application

Scope of Application

Application scope of fluorescence fiber optic temperature measurement system

(including but not limited to)

Distributed fiber optic sensing application scope

(including but not limited to)

Distributed fluorescence fiber optic temperature measurement system Application scenarios Fiber optic temperature measurement can be applied to many different industries, including but not limited to the following fields. Welcome to contact us for consultation!

Temperature measurement of switchgear

Power cables:
In the field of electric energy, real-time temperature monitoring of high-voltage live critical equipment is often required. High voltage electrical equipment such as large motors, transformers, and high-voltage cables are key equipment in the power system. The safety, reliability, and service life of these devices are crucial for the safe and reliable operation and service life of the entire system. State Grid of China formulated the fiber optic temperature measurement standard in 2016 and gradually recommended the use of fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement scheme for high-voltage switchgear. In addition, large oil immersed transformers, high-voltage reactors, etc. require the use of fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement methods. However, traditional measuring instruments are prone to deviation due to high voltage and strong electromagnetic interference (EMI). Fiber optic temperature sensors have inherent insulation characteristics and can accurately monitor online temperature of components that withstand high voltage or strong current.


Rail transit:
Fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement is gradually being applied to temperature measurement of traction transformer windings in rail transit and axle temperature measurement of railway passenger cars. It can provide multi-channel fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement, monitor the three-phase winding resistance and iron core temperature of subway track transformers, provide functions such as over temperature alarm, over temperature trip, fan control, RS485 communication, etc., to ensure the reliable operation of the subway. Anti interference and stable operation. Customer feedback is satisfactory.


Medical equipment:
Many medical instruments require real-time and accurate monitoring of local temperatures in high-frequency electromagnetic environments to avoid unnecessary damage to equipment and even the human body. Traditional temperature measuring instruments such as PT100 are susceptible to electromagnetic interference and cannot achieve accurate temperature measurement. Our fluorescent fiber optic temperature sensor has the characteristic of no interference and can be widely used for temperature monitoring in clinical hyperthermia and various high-frequency electromagnetic medical equipment.


Scientific research:
Our company has established good cooperative relationships with major research institutions across the country, providing fiber optic temperature measurement for many of their projects. Fluorescent fiber optic sensing products have the characteristics of intrinsic safety, small size, no electromagnetic interference, and extremely high corrosion resistance. It has been widely applied in higher research institutions such as universities, metrology institutes, and laboratories nationwide, and has received unanimous praise.


High risk industries:
Fluorescent optical fibers are suitable for flammable, explosive, corrosive environments, and fields with special requirements for safety/corrosion resistance. In harsh environments such as lightning strikes and outdoor environments with inconvenient energy supply at testing sites, fiber optic temperature measurement can play a role based on the characteristics of fiber optic sensors. Fiber optic sensors are essentially fire-resistant and explosion-proof equipment, which do not require explosion-proof measures and are very safe and reliable. They can also be used for temperature measurement and warning of battery pack electrodes.


Fluorescent optical fibers have extremely strong immunity to strong electromagnetic interference from RF equipment. Fiber optic temperature measurement is an important means of accurately measuring microwave field temperature, as fiber optic signals are used as information transmission means, there is no need to worry about interference from microwave electromagnetic fields. Meanwhile, optical fiber materials belong to non-metallic oxides and low dielectric loss materials, so the transmission line will not be affected by microwaves; The fiber optic temperature measurement system has advantages such as real-time (optical signal transmission, short reaction time) and accurate (direct measurement of temperature in the internal reaction zone of materials), and is suitable for liquid reaction types..

Chemistry and Chemical Engineering:
Fluorescent optical fibers can be used for temperature monitoring in chemical product development and production processes. The reaction tanks of large chemical plants operate under high temperature and high pressure conditions. Real time monitoring of the surface temperature characteristics of the reaction tank can ensure its correct operation. The optical fiber is laid along the surface of the reaction tank to form a temperature sensing grid, which can monitor any hot spot and effectively prevent accidents from occurring.

Petrochemical industry:
In the petrochemical field, there are a large number of operations that require long-term monitoring of various structural components and physical quantities of the environment, such as temperature, pressure, displacement, etc. Due to the complex and harsh environment in the petrochemical industry, fiber optic sensing products with precise measurement capabilities can fully meet this requirement in terms of working temperature, pressure, and other indicators. In addition, its inherent safety, compact size, resistance to electromagnetic interference, radio frequency interference, and extremely high corrosion resistance make fluorescent fiber temperature measurement most suitable for temperature monitoring in gas stations, oil depots, and oil transportation processes.

Fiber optic temperature measurement can be applied to more industrial fields. Please feel free to consult us for specific solutions and quotations!

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