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Fluorescent Fiber Optic Temperature Measurement Device/Fiber optic temperature monitoring system/

Fluorescent Fiber Optic Temperature Sensing Module Single Channel


Power supply:DC5V


Temperature range:-40ºC~+240ºC(Customizable for higher temperature range)




Communication mode:USART serial output, independent communication address is required. The sampling rate is 9600 and the temperature update period is 300ms.


Calibration method:This sensor does not need to be calibrated.The system uses adaptive measurement and does not require LD value calibration.


Size:44mm*22mm*22mm (length * width * height)

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Fluorescent fiber optic temperature sensor
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The product is suitable for: high voltage, strong magnetic field, flammable and explosive temperature measurement occasions. For example: rail transit dry-type transformers and other electrical equipment such as high-voltage hot spot temperature measurement, photovoltaic equipment, switchgear high-voltage contacts and other special environmental temperature measurement.

IF-G fluorescent fiber optic temperature sensor is also an independent temperature measurement system, as an independent sensor accessories embedded in the fiber optic temperature measurement instrumentation Fuzhou Innotek Electronic Technology Company, can also be used as a stand-alone temperature measurement product access to other instruments or systems, only the system to provide DC5V power supply and USART serial interface. Photoelectric conversion module for electronic products. It sends, receives and analyzes the optical signal containing temperature information transmitted back from the fluorescent fiber.

Product Characteristics
1. Measuring the temperature of the object in real time
2. Strong Immunity to electromagnetic field interference
3. Withstand high voltage,Flame retardant and explosion proof
4. Single point temperature measurement, digital signal output
5. Suitable for small space temperature measurement
(Minimum diameter of the probe can be customized)

Principle of Fluorescent Fiber Temperature Measurement

The fluorescence temperature measurement system is coated with fluorescent material at the end of the optical fiber. After being excited by a certain wavelength of light, the fluorescent material is stimulated to emit fluorescence energy. Due to the exponential decay of stimulated radiation energy, the time constant of decay varies depending on temperature. By measuring the decay time, the temperature of the measurement point can be obtained. This method is for fiber optic single point temperature measurement. By utilizing the principle that the afterglow time of rare earth special fluorescent substances is related to temperature, temperature information can be obtained through afterglow time. This technology has been verified to be applicable for monitoring the winding temperature of ultra-high voltage (750KV) transformers. The sensor has a small size, high long-term reliability, moderate price, and can not only achieve single-sided cabinet configuration, but also build a temperature monitoring system. The construction and debugging process is convenient and fast.
The fluorescence fiber optic temperature measurement system has achieved real-time temperature measurement at the contacts, incoming and outgoing lines, busbars, and other positions of high-voltage switchgear. It is more convenient than gallium arsenide semiconductor fiber optic temperature measurement, with high cost-effectiveness, more accurate temperature measurement, no need for regular maintenance, small demodulator volume, and easy installation.
Installation Instructions

1. Fiber ST plug

2. Electrical connector

3. Screw holes (Ф2 x 6mm) for fixing two M2 screws

Application scenarios

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We offer original equipment manufacturer (OEM) solutions in multiple vertical markets,
These markets rely on high-quality, stable, and carefully designed technologies tailored to their industries.

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