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Fiber Optic Temperature Measurement For Switchgear/Fiber optic temperature monitoring system/

Fiber optic temperature measurement LCD display instrument


Power supply:DC 6-36V


Panel Type :TFT liquid crystal display


Resolving Power:480*272


Touch Screen Category:4-wire resistive touch screen


Communication Methods:RS485 Modbus


Size:44mm*22mm*22mm (length * width * height)

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The IF-YS1F10 LCD display instrument is used in conjunction with a fluorescent fiber optic temperature transmitter. The temperature information transmitted by the transmitter is collected through the RS485 communication interface, and the probe temperature is displayed in real-time. This display instrument can set two sets of over temperature alarm threshold values, with a maximum display of 12 channels. The excess part can be flipped to display suitable for high-voltage switchgear, ring main cabinets and other equipment.



Fiber optic temperature measurement LCD display instrument




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