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The function of 10KV high-voltage switchgear

At present, the most commonly used type of high-voltage switchgear in China’s power industry is 10kV high-voltage switchgear, which mainly serves to effectively protect and control the power system to prevent large-scale power outages from bringing significant social impacts to people. In the new era of rapid development of China’s power system, people’s demand for electricity is also increasing day by day. In the new era of strong promotion of power comprehensive automation and unmanned substation mode, the operation of high-voltage switchgear has also become a core concern of people. Due to the incomparable negative impact of large-scale power outages on the production and normal operation of society, citizens, and factories, we should attach importance to the role of the real-time monitoring system for high-voltage switchgear, solve the problems that arise in the current real-time monitoring system for high-voltage switchgear, and improve the quality level of China’s power system.

What is a high-voltage switchgear

High voltage switchgear is a type of electrical equipment, in which the external components of the switchgear first enter the main switch of the switchgear, and then enter the secondary switch. Each secondary circuit is adjusted appropriately. For example, electric meters, automatic control, magnetic switches for electric motors, various AC contactors, and some also include high voltage and low voltage switchgear, power stations, and other high-voltage busbars.

The function of high-voltage switchgear

Its main function is to open, control, and protect power equipment during the generation, transmission, distribution, and conversion processes of the power system. The main components of the control cabinet are circuit breakers, isolation switches, load switches, control mechanisms, transformers, and various protective devices.

Classification and scope of application of high-voltage switchgear

The switchgear can be divided into mobile switchgear and fixed switchgear using circuit breakers; According to the structure of the cabinet, open the cabinet, metal enclosed cabinet, and metal enclosed armored cabinet; According to the different voltage levels, it can be divided into high-voltage switchgear, medium voltage switchgear, and low-voltage switchgear, etc. It is mainly used in power plants, substations, residential communities, as well as high-rise buildings, petrochemical and other different areas.

The “Five Prevention” of High Voltage Switchgear

(1) Prevent accidental entry into charged intervals; (2) Prevent live hanging of wires; (3) Prevent pulling the switch with negative load; (4) Prevent load closing; (5) Prevent closing with grounding wire.



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