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Dry Type Transformer Temperature Controller/

Dry type transformer temperature control box BWD-3KR

Temperature range:-30.0℃~240.0℃

Ambient temperature:-20ºC~+55ºC

Ambient humidity:<95% (25ºC)
Working voltage:AC 220V (+10%,-15%)

Working frequency rate :50Hz OR 60Hz(±2Hz)

Measurement accuracy :±1%FS(Thermostat level 0.5,Sensor class B)

Resolution ratio :0.1ºC

Fan output total capacity :5A/250VAC

Control output capacity :5A/250VAC;5A/30VDC(resistivity)

Power dissipation:≤8W

Production standards:JB/T7631-2005 Electronic temperature controller for Transformers”Industry standards

Adoption of accreditation standards:ISO9001:2008 International Quality Management System Certification

Pass the test standard:IEC61000-4:1995 International standard
GB/T17626-2008 Electromagnetic compatibility test and measurement techniques”standard

  • Product Details

The temperature controller for dry-type transformers is an intelligent controller designed specifically for the safe operation of dry-type transformers. The temperature controller adopts microcontroller technology and uses the platinum thermistor embedded in the dry-type transformer winding to detect and display the temperature rise of the transformer winding. It can automatically start and stop the cooling fan to force air cooling of the winding, avoiding or reducing faults caused by high temperature in the transformer. It can also control the output of over temperature alarm and over temperature trip to ensure that the transformer operates in a safe state, thereby extending the working life of the transformer.

Three phase circuit display/maximum value display; Fan automatic/manual start stop; Over temperature alarm; Overtemperature trip; Fault alarm; Black box function;
Fan timing excitation function; Simulation testing function; Digital compensation function; Cabinet door opening alarm function.

main features
Using LED displays makes the display of the working status and measured values of the temperature controller more intuitive.
I2C adjustment and storage technology is adopted to achieve power-off data protection storage.
The fan can be manually/automatically controlled to start and stop.
Equipped with over temperature alarm, over temperature trip, and fan start stop functions.
Equipped with 4-20mA analog current output and RS-485 communication function.

Applicable occasions

Suitable for various small and medium-sized dry-type transformers and European box transformers
Optional installation on transformer body clamp or shell

Appearance of BWD-3KR small wall mounted temperature control box product
External dimensions: 320mm x 260mm x 90mm

IB-L installation method: wall mounted
Installation size: 280mm x 160mm

Dimensional diagram of temperature controller for BWD-3KR dry-type transformer

Dimensional diagram of temperature controller for IB-L201 dry-type transformer



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