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DTS distributed fiber optic temperature measurement system for long-distance power cables

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The long-distance power cable DTS system is a unique fiber optic temperature measurement system designed for long-distance monitoring of underground power cables and overhead transmission lines.
The remote DTS system continuously monitors and predicts cable loads and core temperatures, with a single end length of up to 70km.
With the increasing demand for electricity and new renewable energy resources, managing the power grid has become more complex, and operators face higher requirements for normal operating hours and challenging grid load balancing.
The industry-leading 70 kilometer range reduces costs and installation complexity, as fewer DTS units are required for each installation. With a built-in fiber optic switch, the DTS system for long-distance power cables can handle up to 16 fibers, making it capable of handling 16 independent power lines.
The long-distance DTS system can measure the temperature of cables with an accuracy of better than 1 ° C, and the strain can be reduced to 2 within a distance of up to 70 km με。 This ensures precise hotspot location and rapid detection of mechanical interference in cables (such as ship anchors, excavator excavation, etc.).
In addition, the data is used for real-time calculation of cable conductor temperature and prediction of cable load (real-time thermal rating), allowing operators to operate the cable above nominal capacity in peak emergency situations.
Industry leading 70 kilometer range
Excellent hotspot detection along the entire sensor cable
Flexible and direct connection to management systems such as SCADA
Up to 16 independent channels, allowing a unit to cover complex infrastructure
Temperature resolution better than 1 ° C
Maintenance free and simplified outdoor installation capability
Real time thermal rating (RRTR) software calculation engine based on IEC, AEIC, and IEEE standards
The average time between failures is over 40 years




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