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The August Product Training Conference of Inno Technology was successfully held

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In order to further enhance everyone’s understanding of the company’s business and products, and help newcomers quickly understand the company’s main products, on the afternoon of August 2, 2023, the Technology Department of Inno Technology conducted training on the company’s products for newcomers and relevant department personnel.

Training on company products

Newcomer “Breaking the Ice” Ceremony

Before the training began, Yang Gong, the manager of the Optoelectronic Technology Department of the R&D Center, briefly introduced the purpose and significance of this training. The new partners also held a brief “ice breaking ceremony”, introducing their respective positions and expectations for this product training. The old employees warmly welcomed the new partners.

Main training content

Training on company products

The product training has officially begun, mainly including the introduction of dry-type transformer temperature controllers and upgraded products, function selection, sensor cable selection, function introduction and system composition of the transformer intelligent monitoring system PHM, introduction of environmental management system products, as well as the introduction of the upper computer cloud platform and WeChat mini program.

Learn with dedication and integrate into the team

Training on company products

High quality products are the foundation for the survival of enterprises and the magic weapon for their invincibility. At the meeting, relevant personnel from the technical department conducted a comprehensive and systematic review and explanation of the production process, application scenarios, cutting-edge technology, market prospects, and other aspects of the products, helping new partners to have a deeper understanding of the company’s products and related functions, as well as their applications in the market. With a clear understanding, they were able to better and faster integrate into the team.




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