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Fluorescent fiber optic temperature sensors used for temperature measurement in microwave environments

Fiber optic sensor for microwave temperature measurement

Microwave refers to electromagnetic radiation in the frequency range of 300MHz to 300GHz in the electromagnetic spectrum, characterized by high frequency, short wavelength, and the ability to penetrate the ionosphere. It can be applied in radar, communication, scientific research, microwave energy utilization, and other fields. After the 1960s, microwave, as a new type of heat source, developed rapidly. Its heating characteristics include on-site heating, simultaneous heating inside and outside, and instant high temperature without the need for heat transfer. Therefore, it has the advantages of fast heating speed, high heat utilization rate, and can achieve fast automatic control. Therefore, it is widely used in industries such as medical treatment, chemical research, food processing, and material heat treatment. However, due to its ultra-high frequency electromagnetic wave, there is a strong electromagnetic field, and temperature measurement in the microwave field remains a technical challenge. For example, in the temperature measurement problem of microwave reactors, under strong electromagnetic fields, when using conventional temperature sensors (such as thermocouples, thermistors, etc.) for temperature measurement, metal temperature probes and wires produce induced currents under high-frequency electromagnetic fields. Due to skin effect and eddy current effect, their own temperature rises, causing serious interference to temperature measurement, resulting in significant errors in temperature readings or unstable temperature measurement. Therefore, the study of non-interference temperature sensors for microwave fields has significant practical significance.

Industrial microwave ovens are mainly used for drying and sterilization in industries such as food, chemical, seasoning, pharmaceuticals, biological products, wood, paper, ceramics, and tea making. However, due to the generation of a large amount of microwave radiation during the operation of microwave components, non-metallic items are exposed to high interference environments, making it impossible to effectively detect the temperature in the working area of microwave components, which brings inconvenience to the automatic control and safety of microwave components during use.

Microwave fluorescence fiber optic temperature measurement system

The microwave temperature measurement system using fluorescence fiber optic temperature measurement utilizes the characteristics of fiber optic fluorescence temperature measurement’s immunity to electromagnetic radiation fields to accurately measure the temperature of the object to be heated in the microwave cavity in ultra-high frequency, strong electromagnetic field, and heavy interference environments; And accurate temperature measurement was achieved through the probe of the fluorescent temperature sensor. Fiber optic temperature measurement systems are suitable for integrated single channel or multi-channel temperature measurement, and fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement equipment is particularly suitable for high-frequency and microwave equipment.

Characteristics of Fluorescent Fiber Optic Temperature Sensor

Fiber optic temperature sensors are inherently safe, resistant to strong electromagnetic interference, have good electrical insulation, stable performance, corrosion resistance, and long service life;

High temperature measurement accuracy, wide temperature measurement range, and flexible configuration of temperature measurement channels;

Easy installation, flexible networking, standardized data transmission, high cost-effectiveness, and stable quality;

The preferred product for temperature monitoring of high-frequency and microwave equipment.

Application scope of fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement system

Fluorescent fiber optic temperature sensors can be widely used in high-voltage electrical equipment monitoring (such as generators, transformers, switchgear, transformers, etc.), industrial microwaves (such as food processing, vulcanization processes, microwave digestion/extraction equipment, disinfection/drying equipment, etc.), magnetic medical equipment (such as nuclear magnetic equipment, tumor hyperthermia equipment, etc.), explosion-proof industrial environments such as petrochemicals/coal, aviation/ships/high-end scientific research environments with high voltage and electromagnetic interference, as well as special temperature monitoring and monitoring fields with high reliability, stability, and precision.



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