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optical-fiber temperature sensor based on upconversion-excited fluorescence

Fiber optic temperature sensor, Intelligent monitoring system, Distributed fiber optic manufacturer in China

Fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement Fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement device Distributed fluorescence fiber optic temperature measurement system

Technical parameters of fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement device

Provide 1-8 position DIP switches
Provide two switch signal outputs
Temperature measurement range: -40 ℃~200 ℃
Temperature measurement accuracy: ± 1 ℃
Temperature measurement resolution: 0.1 ℃
Number of channels: 3 channels (can be expanded to 16 channels)
Communication interface: dual RS485 communication interface
Temperature measurement frequency: 1Hz

AC/DC universal power supply: wide voltage 100-300V/50Hz
Power consumption<6W
Communication protocol: Standard Modbus RTU
Installation size: 123.5mm x 48mm (length x width)
Operating temperature: -20 ℃~65 ℃
Storage temperature: -40 ℃~85 ℃
Fiber optic sensing probe with a withstand voltage of 100KV (40mm withstand length, 5min withstand time) and a provincial-level inspection report issued




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