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Advantages of using fiber optic temperature measurement for high voltage cable joint temperature monitoring system

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At present, the domestic cable temperature monitoring technology is basically wired connection, in view of the large-scale high-voltage cable network, line laying and maintenance costs are high and difficult to apply. There are also problems in the implementation of technology, such as temperature-sensitive cable temperature measurement system because the measured temperature is not the actual value of the temperature can not be trend analysis, thermistor temperature measurement system wiring is complex maintenance, fiber-optic distributed temperature monitoring system because the line is too long investors are often difficult to accept, so the fieldbus approach is limited to achieving a small range of real-time temperature monitoring of the cable, the large-scale monitoring of the cable line appears to be unable to help. The fieldbus approach is limited to real-time temperature monitoring of a small range of cables, and is powerless to monitor a large range of cable lines.
In view of the cable with the help of joints connected to form a large-scale network, closely related to each other, any point of failure, may lead to power outages. Therefore, the temperature of the cable joints as a fault characteristic quantity, as long as the temperature of each joint of the power cable can be accurately detected, after analyzing and comparing with the historical data, it can be judged whether there is a potential accident in the corresponding joints, and accurately determine its location, so as to take measures to eliminate the potential accidents.

Adopted a cable joints of the operational status monitoring system, the use of the system can be realized on a wide range of areas within the cable and cable trench temperature online monitoring, when found in a cable joints temperature is too high, the temperature sensing device can be automatically alarmed and through the wireless transmission unit will be the relevant data sent to a remote receiving device, so that the technician in the remote monitoring computer can be aware of the scene of each point of monitoring the situation, timely troubleshooting. The technician can know the situation of each monitoring point at the site on the monitoring computer at the remote end, and troubleshoot in time. This utility model is of great significance for avoiding cable faults and enhancing the safety and reliability of the power grid.

High-voltage cable joint temperature monitoring system application scope

High-voltage/extra-high-voltage oil-immersed transformers

Dry-type transformers

Switchgear contacts and electrical contacts

Reactor wire wraps and electrical contacts

High-voltage busbar joints/high-voltage cable glands

Generator spindle bearings

High Voltage Cable Glands/Cable Tunnels/Cable Jackets

High-voltage cable joints fiber optic temperature measurement system features

Intrinsically safe: fiber-optic intrinsically safe, sensing probe is completely non-electric, anti-electromagnetic interference, do not lead to lightning, intrinsic corrosion, explosion-proof and adapt to harsh environments is significantly better than other means of measurement of electrical sensing.

Real-time monitoring: uninterrupted online monitoring/electrical monitoring, realizing the real unattended power system.

Intelligent network: fiber optic sensing network measurement points, both point measurement and distributed measurement; through the LAN, WAN, Internet system connection, can be accessed to the power integrated system, fire protection system, etc. into a more powerful power intelligent integrated monitoring system.

Fast and accurate: digital measurement ensures the measurement accuracy and repeatability of the system, while the fast response speed can fully meet the requirements of temperature measurement accuracy and response time of the power system.




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