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Monitoring of copper bars in high and low voltage switchgear using fiber optic temperature sensors

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With the increase of people’s electricity consumption, the load capacity of the distribution system is also constantly increasing. However, accidents caused by high temperature explosions in distribution cabinets occur from time to time, inevitably causing danger to workers and property damage. Traditional temperature monitoring of distribution cabinets uses infrared or wireless temperature measurement, and monitoring and inspection of distribution cabinets often requires multiple inspectors to regularly inspect each cabinet, which consumes a lot of time and manpower. Human inspection may also lead to errors and even fire and explosion accidents. Therefore, how to effectively monitor all distribution cabinets has become a problem that needs to be solved.

Although the existing visible low-voltage switchgear solves the problem of temperature detection for all traditional models of visible low-voltage switchgear during use, it is still manual temperature measurement and requires intensive manual viewing and monitoring of the data display of the visible low-voltage switchgear. Due to the dense number of temperature monitoring points, it causes high labor intensity, easy omission, and inaccurate monitoring. Moreover, traditional visible low-voltage switchgear cannot continuously measure temperature at multiple points. During use, it has the disadvantage of being unable to measure temperature in areas that are prone to temperature rise, such as inside drawers and at the screw connection point of the primary copper bar.

In the practical application of copper bars entering wire ducts, due to long-term operation in the air and the influence of ambient temperature and humidity, thermal expansion and contraction, surface scaling, oxidation or corrosion may occur, resulting in loose contacts and poor contact. The copper bar entering wire joints during operation may experience abnormal temperature overheating, which may lead to fire or major safety accidents. During operation, the copper busbar entering the wire duct is in a fully enclosed state, so it is necessary to monitor the temperature of the copper busbar entering the wire duct joint to improve the reliability of the operation of the copper busbar entering the wire duct.

FJINNO independently develops and produces an online temperature measurement system for high and low voltage distribution cabinets. It uses fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement to detect the temperature of copper bars and incoming and outgoing lines, and transmits the detected temperature data to the control unit. When the fiber optic temperature measurement unit detects a location with excessive temperature, the control unit processes the temperature data and transmits the processed temperature data to the platform through the information transmission unit. The platform collects and analyzes the temperature data and sends the temperature situation of each distribution cabinet to the intelligent terminal in real time.



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