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Who is an internationally advanced fiber optic sensor manufacturer used for cable temperature measurement

An internationally advanced fiber optic sensing manufacturer specializing in the production and manufacturing of DVS fiber optic vibration sensing systems, DTS distributed fiber optic temperature measurement systems, fiber optic monitoring systems, providing comprehensive solutions for optical detection and sensing. Distributed fiber optic temperature measurement systems, DTS systems, urban pipe gallery monitoring, advertising placement, online consultation, affordable prices, safety and reliability, underground pipeline monitoring systems, underground comprehensive monitoring systems, online monitoring of pipe galleries, underground pipe gallery monitoring systems, and comprehensive pipe gallery testing.

Cable fiber optic temperature measurement has the characteristics of high-speed measurement, precise positioning, and long-distance measurement. These new features enable it to quickly locate sudden temperature changes and ignition points, providing managers with maximum processing time and significantly reducing fire losses. When a fire occurs, the size and direction of the fire can be reported in a timely manner, greatly improving the safety factor of the tunnel. DTS is applied to the laying of power cable detection optical cables on the high-voltage cables to be tested, which can monitor the temperature distribution and temperature change trend of the high-voltage cables covered by the detection optical cables in real time. Segmented setting of warning temperature, alarm temperature, heating rate, and temperature difference alarm functions. The distributed fiber optic monitoring and alarm system is used for temperature monitoring, alarm, analysis, management, and preventive measures of high-voltage cables and other power devices.



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