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Arc light monitoring and arc light sensor for switchgear

In recent years, with the rapid development of the State Grid of China, there have been many applications of protective devices for switchgear in China, such as fiber optic temperature measurement devices for switchgear. With the increasing number of switchgear applications in power equipment, the phenomenon of temperature rise, heating, and arc light in switchgear has become more and more common. Arc light short circuit inside switchgear is a serious accident in the power system, threatening the safe operation of switchgear and other equipment in power companies. Arc light inside switchgear is a phenomenon of arc short circuit ignition, which has the characteristics of high temperature and brightness. When arc light occurs, high temperature phenomenon occurs. If the fault is not dealt with in a timely manner and the cause of arc light occurrence in power equipment is not solved, The high temperature generated by arc light can cause the conductors and adjacent substances that produce arc light to melt or cause more serious accidents, leading to circuit damage and affecting the normal operation of the power system. In severe cases, arc light may lead to fire and explosion accidents. So it is necessary to use arc sensors to detect and protect arc light, and to timely control and alarm when arc light occurs in power equipment. Therefore, the installation of protective devices with arc sensors in switchgear is of great significance for improving the safety of the power system.

The switch cabinet busbar protection device mainly relies on the overcurrent protection equipment of the transformer backup to cut off faults caused by short circuits in the switch cabinet busbar. This method takes a relatively long time and may cause unnecessary losses, increasing the damaged area of the switch cabinet. The arc protection device independently developed by FJINNO has the characteristics of reasonable price, high accuracy, wide range of use, and simple installation and setting. The arc protection device of the switchgear must be installed in power equipment. At present, sensor systems are widely used in daily life and industry, and arc sensors are located at the interface of power automation measurement and control systems, converting the arc information to easily transmitted and processed electrical signals. Therefore, the role of arc light sensors in switchgear equipment is very important.

The characteristic of a photosensitive sensor is a linear sensor, which means that during the photoelectric conversion process, without considering the intensity factor of light, the current signal output by the photosensitive sensor is close to a linear increase.

The basic principle of the switch cabinet arc light sensor protection device is based on the dual criteria of arc light and current to activate the circuit breaker to protect the busbar, The arc protection device independently developed and produced by FJINNO can accurately and reliably detect the arc light generated by the switchgear, which is accurate and reliable. The arc protection system of the switchgear can quickly cut off the circuit when detecting arc light, ensuring the safety of electrical equipment. Therefore, the arc detection sensor in the switchgear is very useful for arc protection in power equipment. The arc detection sensor detects the visible or ultraviolet spectrum when arc light is generated, determines the generation of arc light, and controls the switchgear to produce protective devices or actions, providing strong guarantees for the safe operation of the switchgear.



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