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Top 10 manufacturers of fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement systems and Fluorescent fiber optic temperature sensor

Fiber optic temperature sensor, Intelligent monitoring system, Distributed fiber optic manufacturer in China

Fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement Fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement device Distributed fluorescence fiber optic temperature measurement system

This article introduces the principle of fluorescence fiber optic temperature measurement and the world’s best manufacturer of fluorescence fiber optic temperature measurement devices.

Principle of Fluorescent Fiber Temperature Measurement


The phenomenon of photoluminescence is the mechanism of fluorescence fiber temperature measurement technology. Photoluminescence refers to the phenomenon in which certain specific fluorescent materials are stimulated to emit light beyond thermal radiation. According to Planck’s law, when a substance is excited by some form of energy, it will produce a transition process of electrons between energy levels E1 and E2 (E1<E2), and emit light waves with a wavelength of λ.

After being irradiated by excitation light, fluorescent materials will produce fluorescence when the excitation light is removed. The fluorescence intensity generated gradually decreases, and the time required to decay to 1/e of the maximum fluorescence intensity at excitation is called fluorescence lifetime.

There is a monotonic relationship between fluorescence lifetime and temperature, and temperature measurement is achieved by measuring fluorescence lifetime.

Top 10 manufacturers of fiber optic temperature sensors

1、 Fuzhou Innovation Electronic Scie&Tech Co., Ltd. (FJINNO)

Fuzhou Innovation Electronic Scie&Tech Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise with strong capabilities. The company’s main products include: fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement system, oil immersed transformer fiber optic temperature online monitoring system, environmental management system, rail transit fiber optic temperature controller, PHM online monitoring system, dry-type transformer temperature controller, etc. Provide total solutions and application services for temperature, vibration and pressure monitoring in the fields of comprehensive pipeline corridors, oil and gas pipelines, rail transportation, electric power, municipal government, nuclear power, new energy, chemical industry and so on.


Fuzhou Huaguang Tianrui Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. has established a deep cooperation between industry, academia, and research with Fuzhou University. A technology research and development team led by an optical and electrical doctoral supervisor, with professors and graduate students participating, and independent research and development as the main focus, has begun the research and development of fluorescent fiber optic sensing technology. After multiple tests and verifications, our fluorescent temperature measurement technology has reached an advanced level, and we have independently developed a series of fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement products.

The company focuses on the application and development of fiber optic temperature measurement products in various fields. Fiber optic temperature measurement technology, with its superior “high insulation and strong anti-interference” performance, solves the “pain points” of temperature measurement in many fields such as high-frequency microwave, high-voltage electrical, flammable and explosive, rail transit, petrochemical, military, etc. We are willing to collaborate with partners in various fields to customize various qualified fiber optic temperature measurement products for our customers.

The company’s main products include fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement devices and systems, distributed fiber optic temperature measurement systems, fiber optic grating temperature measurement systems, etc. Currently, we have established strategic partnerships with brands and complete sets of enterprises throughout the country, and have established good brand awareness and industry reputation in the fields of fiber optic sensing technology and intelligent safety monitoring and early warning. Our products and technologies are gaining increasing recognition from users.

3、Tempsens Instrument Pvt. Ltd.

FluoroSenz Fiber Optic Temperature Monitoring System conducts real time monitoring to accurately measure point temperatures of hotspots including Transformers, Switchgears, Generators. It is specially designed for harsh environment where High Electric and Magnetic fields are present. The system is based on Calibration free Fluorescence Time Decay Technology, which ensures no recalibration is required over the lifespan of the sensor. The size of Optical Fiber Sensor is very small and it can be easily installed on the measuring point with high measurement accuracy and fast response frequency. Supporting up to 16 Sensors, the temperature of each can be read on the local 7-Segment Display or remotely monitored on PC through various communication provided. The system is supplied with a User Friendly Software which shows real-time data readings along with graphical representation.

4、OSENSA’s Optical Fluorescent Sensor Technology

OSENSA’s temperature sensing technology is also unique in that it can be both contact and non-contact. After applying a specially prepared formulation of sensitive material to an object of interest, its temperature can be read. This is a particularly valuable feature for characterizing temperatures of critical electronic components and profiling the thermal heat distribution over larger objects. A fiber optic probe can be brought close enough to the sensing material to read its temperature, without causing stem conduction losses from electrical wires, and without the need to strategically place and route thermocouple leads everywhere. The optical temperature reading is more accurate than an Infrared (IR) camera reading, and at a fraction of the cost.

5、SA Instruments, Inc

Fiber optic temperature probes provide an alternative method to thermister temperature probes for measuring temperature. The fiber optic temperature probes use florescence technology to make accurate and reliable temperature measurements.  Despite the fact that the probes are small, flexible and made from optical fiber, they are remarkably durable.  Fiber Optic Temperature is available as an option for the MR-compatible Model 1025 and 1030 Monitoring & Gating Systems and for the Model 1025L and 1025T systems for use PET, CT, SPECT, Optical and in the laboratory. The fiber optic temperature probes have a tip diameter of 0.040″ OD (1 mm) or 0.120″ (3 mm). Standard probe lengths are 2’ and 6’. Fiber optic temperature extension cables are also available. Fiber optic temperature probes are MR and CT-compatible.


Reliable Temperature Measurement system designed for point measurement in variety of applications such as Energy, Oil & Gas, and Industrial. It is suitable for precise and accurate measurements in harsh environments.

7、OTG-A Fiber Optic Temperature Sensor

Opsens Solutions’ OTG-A fiber optic temperature sensor offers the highest performances in the industry. The OTG-A sensor uses the well proven technique based on the temperature-dependent bandgap of GaAs crystal as the temperature transduction mechanism. Its small sensing GaAs crystal located at the tip of the optical fiber makes it convenient for tip measurement applications.

8、Omega Engineering, Inc.

The FOS-Series fiber optic sensors are designed to be reliable and work for a wide range of applications. Fiber optic temperature measurement using the FOS-Series sensors provides accurate ±0.8°C readings combined with a fast response time up to 200 ms. The FOS-Series boasts a -200°C to 250°C temperature measurement range as well as 1.6 mm (1/16″) probe diameter.

9、Althen Sensors

High accuracy fiber optic temperature sensor for industrial applications. Compatible with all of our WLPI Series of signal conditioners.


FISO is a leading developer and manufacturer of fiber optic sensors & signal conditioners used in medical, energy, process control, and R&D applications.





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