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The top 10 best dry type transformer temperature controller manufacturing factories

Dry type transformer temperature controller

The BWDK series dry-type transformer temperature controller is a new generation multifunctional computer temperature controller designed for the reliable operation of air-cooled dry-type power transformers. Using three Pt100 platinum thermistors embedded in the three-phase winding packages of dry-type power transformers, the temperature rise of the dry-type power transformer packages is detected. Based on the temperature rise, the cooling fan is automatically controlled to start and stop, overheat alarm, and even overheat trip to ensure the safe operation of the dry-type power transformer. Due to the use of advanced RISC single-chip computers combined with advanced I2C storage and adjustment technology, designed according to the JB/T7631 standard, the temperature controller has the characteristics of simple structure, reliable operation, and strong anti-interference ability. At the same time, the temperature controller also has a “black box” function, which can record the temperature of the three winding packages before the power outage and the working status of the machine.

Top 10 global temperature controllers for dry-type transformers

1、Fuzhou Innovation Electronic Scie&Tech Co., Ltd. 

Fuzhou Yingnuo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2011 and is a high-tech enterprise with strong scientific research capabilities. The enterprise has gathered numerous high-quality technical talents and management elites. The company’s main products include fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement systems, oil immersed transformer fiber optic temperature online monitoring systems, environmental management systems, rail transit fiber optic temperature controllers, PHM online monitoring systems, dry-type transformer temperature controllers, etc.The main models include: IB-S201 series, IB-Q201 series, series, BWDK-S201 series, BWDK-Q201 series, IF-T series, IB-T series and other temperature controllers. We can fully match temperature control products from any other manufacturer’s brand or model. The transformer temperature control instrument models are complete and reasonably priced. We welcome inquiries.


The company focuses on the application and development of fiber optic temperature measurement products in various fields. Fiber optic temperature measurement technology, with its superior “high insulation and strong anti-interference” performance, solves the “pain points” of temperature measurement in many fields such as high-frequency microwave, high-voltage electrical, flammable and explosive, rail transit, petrochemical, military, etc. We are willing to collaborate with partners in various fields to customize various qualified fiber optic temperature measurement products for our customers.

3、Eaton temperature controller

Eaton’s Transformer Temperature Controllers offer built-in monitoring and logging functions to help users better understand and anticipate potential issues. Also, the temperature trending feature allows users to collect and analyze data, resulting in increased system life and uptime and decreased maintenance and overall costs.

4、Orion Italia s.r.

In any electrical system it is very important to maintain it without power outages, the transformers are a fundamental part and the temperature must be constantly controlled. A transformer temperature controller must be installed to perform this monitoring and control function. Using Pt100 temperature probes, the current temperature of each winding is measured and the temperature controller compares it against the temperature setting, basically it turns on fans to lower the temperature of the windings, gives an alarm signal and in the worst case trips the transformer to ensure the safety of people and assets.


DATAKOM DPR-165 is a microprocessor controlled precision instrument displaying steps and temperatures of MV/HV transformers. The unit has a high degree of protection against electromagnetic noises. The unit determines the step by measuring the resistive converter of the transformer. The step information is displayed on the screen. Additionally it is output through the 4-20mA analog output. This information may be fed to automation systems or to the next DPR-165 unit.


Temperature relay to protect transformers against excess temperature and to control a fan.
The temperatures in the windings are monitored with three Pt 100 sensors. The core temperature can be monitored with a fourth sensor.


Springer Controls offers 4, 8, or 12 channel temperature controllers from Tecsystem with individual temperature selection. Transformers and motors are the most commonly monitored, but our range of temperature controllers can be used in nearly any application where a programmable temperature controller is needed to monitor system temperature and output the temperature information in a variety of ways, from wireless, ethernet, RS232/485, 4-20mA or simple output relays.


The TTC-1000 from Advanced Power Technologies is an advanced microprocessor-based transformer temperature controller that contains a full complement of programmable features.


The KR-300A (KP0914) Transformer Temperature Controller offers :
– High quality temperature monitoring
– Advanced digital signaling processing
– Provided healthy and better performance of transformer
– Easy installation and use
– Accuracy and durability in harsh substation conditions

10、Nile Merry Tools

HTR100D replaced by TRF100D Transformer For HT180DX With Temperature Controller (Digital Indication Type)

  • Brand: Merry Hand Tools
  • Product Code: HTR100D
  • Availability: Within 5-10 Days



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