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Which is good for fiber optic temperature measurement

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Which is good for fiber optic temperature measurement

The selection of fiber optic temperature sensors is usually composed of fiber optic sensor probes, transmission fibers, and fiber optic signal demodulators. When choosing fiber optic sensing products, you need to consider the application range of your fiber optic temperature measurement system. After confirming that it can be used on your device, you can start selecting fiber optic sensor products.

1. Response time of fiber optic temperature measurement

The power cable industry requires a certain amount of time during temperature measurement experiments, and the speed of temperature measurement largely determines the efficiency of power inspection. A thermometer that can quickly detect temperature is popular in various temperature measurement industries.

2. Accuracy of temperature measurement

If only the temperature measurement speed and reaction time can meet the requirements, it is not enough. The temperature measurement of switchgear and circuit breakers is to obtain accurate temperature data. Only by quickly displaying the temperature and obtaining accurate temperature numerical data can it be widely used in different temperature measurement situations. If the difference between the actual temperature and the actual temperature is too large, it will cause unnecessary fan startup and alarm tripping of temperature controllers. In the later use and response, there will be unnecessary misoperation and temperature deviation.

3. Easy to operate

Nowadays, people have a lot of time fragmentation, so any thermometer must have simple operating instructions. It is difficult for non professionals to use a complex instrument, and even manufacturers need to provide on-site guidance for installation and use. This is very inconvenient for many customers. If the operation of fiber optic thermometers is cumbersome and affects the user experience, it is difficult to promote. Simple and convenient operation is necessary.

4. Brand reputation

When fluorescent fiber optic thermometers can be sold and promoted in the market, people will buy them, and after use, they will naturally have a certain understanding of the various performance aspects of fiber optic thermometers. Customer feedback and usage feedback are important reference data. If there are inconvenient areas to use, it is necessary to improve the processing technology in the later product upgrade.

5. Product Introduction

Whether a fiber optic thermometer makes people have the desire to purchase depends on whether the product introduction is standardized, whether it can meet the temperature measurement needs of customers, and whether the price is reasonable.

5. Complete qualifications

The factory inspection report of fiber optic temperature measurement products, customer application cases, whether the company can search for them, and if possible, it is best to conduct on-site inspections for more reassurance, including basic business licenses and invention patent certificates, etc. If the product is certified, there will naturally be no problems, which will make after-sales service more reassuring.

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