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Which manufacturer is the best temperature measurement system for oil immersed transformers

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Why do transformers need temperature measurement
Transformers are the core equipment of the global power system, and their reliability directly affects the safety and reliability of the power system. Once a transformer fails, it is easy to cause the collapse of the power grid, greatly affecting our production and life, and causing huge economic losses. Therefore, timely detection and maintenance of transformers are extremely important. Due to certain reasons, power components themselves can cause an increase in temperature inside the power cabinet. Due to the increase in temperature, it not only affects the normal operation of other components, but also may cause certain safety accidents. Only by maintaining the working temperature of the power cabinet and components within a safe range can the normal operation of the power transformer be guaranteed. Currently, many temperature monitoring systems for transformers used on the market have poor safety, poor temperature measurement effects, and their output signals may be affected by fiber optic transmission losses Connection loss, fiber optic vibration, and multiple external environmental factors result in weak signals detected by sensors, low temperature resolution, and poor stability. This not only increases costs and maintenance workload, but also poses a series of safety hazards.

What are the methods for temperature measurement of power transformers

Power transformers are the most important electrical equipment in the power system, and the main factors that promote insulation aging of power transformers are temperature, moisture, and oxygen. Water and oxygen are the foundation, and temperature is the catalyst. When a transformer is loaded, the role of thermal effect is more prominent, and thermal effect is the decisive factor of the transformer’s load carrying capacity. For oil immersed transformers, the winding temperature directly determines the operational safety and aging rate of the transformer, and winding temperature monitoring has always been a key and difficult point. Traditional measurement methods include indirect measurement and direct measurement. Indirect measurement has the drawbacks of poor real-time performance and low accuracy. The traditional direct measurement method uses resistance thermometers and thermocouples for measurement. The disadvantage of this method is that the electrical signal is susceptible to electromagnetic interference and can affect the internal insulation of the transformer, resulting in inaccurate measurement results.

Why does an oil immersed transformer require a temperature monitoring system

Transformers are an important type of power equipment in power facilities. Transformers that are in long-term operation may experience faults due to various reasons. Once a fault occurs, power repair workers will be required to go immediately to start the repair work as soon as possible and ensure the normal operation of power lines. Temperature is an important factor affecting the normal operation of transformers. When the operating temperature of the transformer exceeds the limit, it is very easy to cause transformer overheating and burning accidents. This not only brings huge economic losses, but also causes long-term power outages within the power supply range of the distribution station area. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the operating temperature of the distribution transformer in real time and store and analyze the temperature information, so that when safety hazards of operating temperature are found in the distribution transformer, corresponding adjustments can be made to its operating conditions in a timely manner to avoid the occurrence of transformer overheating and burning accidents.

Temperature measurement method for power transformers

As a key equipment in the operation of the power grid, the reliability of power transformers is extremely important. The temperature changes inside a transformer can quickly and intuitively reflect its operating status, but conventional transformer temperature controllers do not directly measure the internal temperature of the transformer. Instead, the temperature probe is placed on the top of the transformer, and the temperature value obtained is generated by electronic conversion of the measured oil temperature, which cannot accurately reflect the winding temperature. This also cannot reflect the situation that occurs during the use of the transformer in a timely manner, and cannot automatically control and handle the faults that occur in the transformer. The measurement method of electrical signal sensors, such as thermocouples, thermal resistors, etc., is susceptible to electromagnetic interference and has limited service life, resulting in less than ideal measurement results. Infrared temperature measurement method, which is non-contact measurement and convenient for manual operation, cannot achieve online real-time measurement and is easily affected by background noise and electromagnetic environment interference.

If the operation status of the high-voltage isolation switch can be monitored in real time, the causes of various faults can be discovered in a timely manner, and necessary measures can be taken to ensure the early detection of accident hazards, avoid damage to the high-voltage isolation switch, greatly extend its service life, eliminate hidden dangers in the early stage, and provide a reliable safety space to eliminate accidents, thereby improving the safety and reliability of the power system.

Advantages of Transformer Fluorescent Fiber Temperature Measurement System

FJINNO has introduced fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement technology into transformers, achieving distributed online monitoring of internal temperatures in transformers. It can monitor and locate hot spot temperatures in real time, greatly improving the sensitivity and reliability of detection. The fiber optic winding temperature online monitoring system for transformers can directly, real-time, and accurately measure the winding temperature, achieve internal temperature monitoring of transformers, accurately measure the temperature of transformer windings, control cooling systems such as fans and cooling pumps in real time, greatly extend the service life of power equipment transformers, ensure power supply during peak loads, and reduce unplanned or unexpected accidents to a low degree, thereby improving power production at a low cost and enhancing the safety and reliability of the entire system operation.




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