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Why do we need to use a fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement system for temperature measurement in capacitor cabinets

Why does the capacitor cabinet need temperature measurement

The natural heat dissipation of the capacitor cabinet body or the addition of fan heat dissipation cannot ensure the over temperature protection of the reactor when the harmonic current is high. When the line harmonic current is high, even relying on the natural heat dissipation of the capacitor cabinet body or the addition of fan heat dissipation, due to insufficient ventilation, the heat generation of the reactor is too large, which can easily damage the overall control circuit and cause insecurity.

Therefore, traditional over temperature protection technology has the problem of insufficient ventilation and excessive heat generation of the reactor when the harmonic current of the line is large, which can easily damage the overall control circuit and lead to unsafe conditions.

The traditional temperature measurement method is manual temperature measurement, which requires intensive manual viewing and monitoring of the data display of the visible switchgear. Due to the dense number of temperature monitoring points, it results in high labor intensity, easy omission, and inaccurate monitoring. Moreover, traditional switchgear cannot continuously measure temperature at multiple points. During use, it has the disadvantage of not being able to measure temperature in areas that are prone to temperature rise, such as inside the drawer and at the screw connection point of the primary copper bar.

Capacitor cabinets often encounter various faults during operation, which pose a significant threat to the safe and normal operation of the power system. The common faults of capacitor cabinets in power operation include oil leakage, poor insulation, and burnt fuses. Among them, the most harmful and frequently occurring faults are capacitor faults caused by heating. The heating caused by capacitor cabinet faults can be divided into heating at the busbar connection point and heating at the fuse outside the capacitor, with the latter being more likely to occur. At present, the thermal maintenance of capacitor cabinets mainly relies on infrared imaging equipment for inspection. However, infrared thermal imaging cannot test the temperature in a closed environment, and the test results are affected by the season, time, and surface smoothness of the testing equipment. Infrared testing equipment is expensive and cannot continuously monitor the temperature of high-voltage electrical equipment for a long time. There is high voltage on the capacitor, and there is strong electromagnetic interference around it, which often leads to false alarms or missed alarms in traditional detectors. Therefore, it is necessary to use highly reliable and high-performance temperature sensors to monitor the temperature of capacitors in real time and effectively, in order to avoid equipment burning and power outage accidents. In addition, current temperature measurement equipment cannot detect the specific temperature inside the capacitor.

FJINNO’s capacitor cabinet fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement system can accurately and real-time monitor the temperature of power equipment in the distribution system. The fiber optic temperature sensor is characterized by high voltage resistance, anti-interference, and essential insulation, making it very suitable for temperature monitoring in the power industry. The price is reasonable, and we welcome agency cooperation.



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