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Principle and Demodulation Method of Fiber Bragg Grating Demodulator System

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What are the methods of grating dynamic demodulation

The implementation of signal processing algorithms for fiber optic grating demodulation systems. FJINNO provides various fiber optic grating demodulators with reasonable prices, accurate dynamic demodulation, and universal models. Fiber optic gratings are a new type of passive sensing element with high sensitivity, strong resistance to electromagnetic interference, corrosion resistance, and many other advantages. Since their use in sensing, they have achieved rapid and sustained development, and have broad application prospects in safety monitoring in fields such as aerospace, building structures, and petroleum. The fiber optic grating demodulation system is a key part of the entire sensing system, and achieving high-precision, high-resolution, dynamic and static parameter combination, multi-point multiplexing detection, and low cost is the trend of the development of fiber optic grating demodulation technology. There are various methods for fiber optic demodulation, and the tuned F-P filtering method can only be used to measure static strain. The cost of the tunable laser method is very high, and the non-equilibrium M-Z interference method is easily affected by the environment, which is not conducive to engineering applications. With the rapid development of optical detectors in recent years, miniaturized fiber optic spectrometers have rapidly developed, and fiber optic demodulation technology based on spectral imaging has also developed accordingly. The fiber Bragg grating demodulator based on spectral imaging method has a small volume, high integration degree, and can be used to measure static and dynamic strains. It has outstanding advantages among many demodulation methods and is an important direction of demodulation system research. Among them, the optical system performance of the demodulator directly affects the resolution of the system, which is a key aspect of the fiber Bragg grating demodulator.

Fiber Bragg Grating Demodulation System Manufacturer

With the development of modern industry, various sensing and detection fields have higher requirements for detection accuracy, speed, reliability, and equipment cost. FJINNO’s independently developed and produced fiber optic grating sensing demodulation products can meet the requirements of different customers. After multiple experimental runs, the demodulation speed and accuracy of the fiber optic grating demodulator have been improved, and the state monitoring of complex mechanical systems has been better achieved. The FJINNO fiber optic grating high-speed and high-precision demodulator has become a leading brand among domestic manufacturers.

Is the fiber optic grating demodulation system capable of temperature measurement

The fiber optic grating demodulation system can be applied in various situations, in addition to temperature measurement being an important application range, it can also be applied in stress and strain monitoring. The fiber optic grating temperature sensing demodulation system is also an important application product of FJINNO.

Principle of Fiber Bragg Grating Demodulator

FBGA grating demodulation module and fiber Bragg grating sensing array are important contents. Fiber Bragg grating sensors use the characteristics of fiber Bragg grating reflected light wavelength changing with temperature and stress to measure physical quantities. Therefore, the measurement accuracy of fiber Bragg grating reflected light wavelength determines the performance of the sensor. Fiber Bragg grating wavelength demodulation methods mainly include spectroscopic detection, wavelength scanning, interferometric measurement, etc. Among them, wavelength scanning method has become the preferred method for industrial use due to its advantages of simple system, high measurement accuracy, strong multiplexing ability, low price, and high stability.




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