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How to monitor the temperature of track traction transformers

Why do traction transformers in rail transit need to be monitored

For rail vehicles, the traction transformer is one of the most important equipment and the core part of the entire electric traction system. Its normal operation has a significant impact on ensuring the stable operation of rail vehicles such as locomotives and high-speed trains. With the continuous growth of the total mileage of electrified railways in China, the demand for traction transformers is also increasing; At the same time, the increase in train traction weight and the increase in train running speed result in a doubling of traction current. At present, the vast majority of traction transformers in China operate under overload conditions. Coupled with the drastic changes in traction load and frequent external short circuits, the probability of faults occurring has greatly increased.

For many years, the maintenance of traction transformers in China has always adopted a periodic maintenance system. Although this plan can detect equipment problems within a certain time frame, maintenance personnel cannot select specific maintenance objects before repairing the equipment, and only follow the rules. This will cause blindness in the work and waste a lot of manpower, material resources, and financial resources. Therefore, online monitoring of traction transformers is particularly important; Unlike State Grid’s development plan for smart power stations, the online monitoring of traction transformers is still in the stage of decentralized monitoring. A monitoring quantity corresponds to a monitoring device, and each device corresponds to a system, and each system is independent of each other, without any information interaction with the computer monitoring system, forming information islands, which makes the online monitoring of railway traction transformers ineffective. A comprehensive online monitoring device is needed for railway traction transformers, which can comprehensively monitor various data quantities and diagnose them uniformly; And the device needs to comply with the current situation of railway traction substations being relatively far away and with a small site.

Temperature measurement system for traction transformer winding

The vast majority of faults based on traction transformers are overheating faults. Currently, the existing electrified railway traction transformers in China only rely on measuring oil temperature to determine internal source conditions, and cannot detect the temperature of transformer windings, iron cores, etc., which is inappropriate. FJINNO utilizes a fluorescent fiber optic winding temperature measurement system to directly measure the winding temperature of traction transformers, thereby truly achieving real-time monitoring of faults in traction transformers.

With the continuous development and progress of power technology, the functional demand for transformers is increasing day by day. With the widespread application of traction transformers, while their performance continues to improve, the requirements for their operating environment are also constantly increasing. As the most important environmental factor, the higher the accuracy and effectiveness of temperature control, the more it can improve the operational efficiency of transformers. The fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement system is used to measure the temperature at various points inside the transformer during operation, and is particularly suitable for monitoring the temperature changes of the traction transformer during severe load changes and overloading. As is well known, the thermal time constant of transformer oil is relatively large. Therefore, changes in load can cause heating changes in the winding core and other components, which require a longer period of time to be reflected through the temperature rise of the oil. The temperature change of the oil cannot reflect the load status of the traction transformer in electrified railways in a timely manner, and abnormal overloading cannot be dealt with in a timely manner.

Advantages of Fluorescent Fiber Optic Temperature Measurement Device for Transformer Windings

The fluorescence fiber optic winding temperature controller utilizes the principle of fluorescence fiber optic temperature measurement and installs a fluorescence fiber optic temperature probe on the transformer winding. Through specific analysis algorithms, the real-time temperature value of the winding can be accurately calculated. It has the advantages of maintenance free, calibration free, and high reliability.

The traction transformer winding temperature measurement system adopts fiber optic sensing technology to measure the actual temperature of the transformer winding in real time, which is faster and more accurate than thermocouple measurement, and more comprehensive than the commonly used thermal imaging method for indirect measurement. The fiber optic temperature measurement system has a long operating life, stable performance, high accuracy, and durability, and has been widely used. The fluorescent fiber optic sensor probe can withstand the initial manufacturing process of transformers, such as kerosene gas-phase drying, heat flow circulation, as well as long-term oil immersion and vibration, without calibration for long-term use, and is stable and reliable. The system reflects the actual temperature of the three-phase winding of the transformer in real-time during operation and sends out real-time over temperature alarm signals, while achieving the purpose of remote transmission of temperature and alarm signals. It is of great significance to optimize transformer performance and improve the safe service life of transformers.



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