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switchgear temperature sensor Using fiber optic temperature sensors

Fiber optic temperature sensor for switchgearAs one of the important equipment in the power system, high-voltage switchgear plays an important role in breaking and closing power lines, line fault protection, monitoring operating energy data, and is widely used in switch stations, residential distribution rooms, and substations due to its advantages of safety, reliability, compact structure, small footprint, and easy operation. High voltage switchgear generally operates in high voltage, high current, and strong magnetic field environments, and temperature rise is an important parameter. However, after long-term operation, high voltage switchgear often produces loose contact springs, poor contact, or aging of certain parts. If measures are not taken in time, the contact temperature will increase sharply, which is prone to equipment damage. Therefore, online monitoring of its temperature can avoid its operation in a faulty state, ensuring the safe and reliable operation of the entire power system.

Traditional types of temperature sensors, such as thermocouples, thermistors, semiconductor thermometers, etc., rely on electrical signals as their working basis. Temperature signals need to be converted into electrical signals for further processing, which no longer fully meets the needs of scientific and industrial development.

The fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement device applied to high-voltage switchgear has a long service life and is resistant to electromagnetic interference. It can provide effective protection for temperature monitoring of high-voltage switchgear and other equipment in substations, judge the equipment’s ability and service life, and provide scientific basis for safe operation of equipment.

By utilizing the advantages of small volume, strong resistance to electromagnetic interference, and good insulation of fluorescent fiber optic temperature sensors, temperature monitoring of isolation contacts in high-voltage switchgear has been achieved instead of electronic sensors. The fiber optic temperature measurement system scheme does not require complex insulation design, thus having the advantages of simplicity and reliability. The fluorescence fiber optic temperature measurement system solves the sensitive influence of traditional temperature sensors, improves the reliability and real-time performance of the system. The fiber optic temperature measurement system has been tested on a 10KV high-voltage switchgear, and the system can operate normally, indicating that this scheme is feasible.



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