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Characteristics of Distributed Fiber Optic Temperature Measurement System

Independently developed, this system software runs on the WINDOWS operating system, with a Chinese interface and simple operation. It supports keyboard, mouse, and touch screen operations and can achieve the following functions:

Real time data collection: Real time collection of temperature data in the monitoring area and real-time database storage.

Real time data display: Real time display of temperature distribution curves in the monitoring area and temperature variation curves at each point over time.

Multiple multi-level alarms: Each area can be set with three types of alarms: constant temperature alarm, temperature rise rate alarm, and regional temperature difference alarm.

Partition measurement: It can partition the measurement area in length and perform local key monitoring on certain areas, achieving differentiated monitoring.

Visual view: A multi window application with a Chinese interface that displays the global status of the user’s device in accordance with the user’s logical view (cable circuit layout or wiring diagram).

The system is an introduction to distributed fiber optic temperature measurement system and vibration system, for reference only. Please contact us for specific and detailed information.

Characteristics of Distributed Fiber Optic Vibration Monitoring System

The main features of the product are as follows:
(1) Long monitoring distance: Single channel models can achieve 15 kilometers of monitoring; The dual channel model can achieve a monitoring distance of 5 kilometers per channel, and using two channels together can achieve a monitoring distance of 10 kilometers.
(2) Accurate positioning: With a positioning accuracy of 3-5m, it accurately locates the location of the disturbance and achieves precise alarm of the disturbance position on the fiber optic link.
(3) Short response time: With a response time of 5S, early warning can be given before an event occurs, thereby reducing losses.
(4) Adjustable alarm threshold: According to the on-site application environment, the alarm threshold can be adjusted to reduce the false alarm rate.
(5) Customizable user interface: The software has a fully functional graphical user interface that can be flexibly configured and securely linked.
(6) Flexible fiber optic cable laying method: The fiber optic cable adopts ordinary single-mode fiber optic cable, which can be buried, laid on the wall, and installed on the fence according to actual needs.




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