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Fluorescent fiber optic temperature sensor monitoring system for ring main unit, manufactured in China

With the development of the economy and society, the demand for electricity in solid ring main unit temperature measurement continues to grow rapidly, and the scale of the distribution system continues to expand. The importance of safe operation of its distribution equipment is increasingly prominent, and scientific and efficient management is urgently needed. Solid ring main unit (RMU) is a distribution equipment that has gradually gained widespread attention and use in recent years. RMU is a type of RMU that uses solid insulation materials as the main insulation medium. The main conductive circuit of the vacuum arc extinguishing chamber and its conductive connections, isolation switches, grounding switches, main busbars, branch busbars, etc. are single or combined and encapsulated with solid insulation medium to form one or several modules with certain functions, which can be recombined or expanded and have full insulation and sealing performance. The surface of modules that can be touched by humans is coated with a conductive or semi conductive shielding layer and can be reliably grounded directly. Solid state ring main unit has the advantages of small volume, non-toxic, simple structure, pollution-free, and green environmental protection, which is in line with the global concept of green product development.

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Solid State Ring Main Unit is an upgraded product of the current mainstream ring main unit. According to statistics, the number of new solid ring main units put into operation each year will reach 200000.
State Grid Corporation of China pointed out that from the development trend of stricter technical reliability and environmental protection requirements, solid insulated ring main units have the trend of completely replacing SF6 gas insulated ring main units. With the large-scale application of solid ring main units, online monitoring of solid ring main units is of great significance for the safe and reliable operation of power distribution systems. In recent years, insulation faults and temperature rise faults have been ranked among the top three faults in the distribution voltage level of China’s power system. Therefore, it is very important to monitor the insulation status of the solid ring main unit and the temperature rise of the busbar.

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The application of fluorescent fiber optic temperature sensors in the field of smart grids:

1. Temperature monitoring of power transformer windings;
2. High voltage switchgear: It can measure the temperature at the junction of the plum blossom contact and the static contact in the switchgear, and can even be buried in the conductive connection of the insulation cylinder;
3. Temperature measurement of high-voltage circuit breaker arc extinguishing chamber;
4. Temperature monitoring of the stator, bearing shells, and end collector rings of large motors;
5. Directly monitor the hot spot temperature of high-voltage equipment such as large motors/transformer windings;
6. Real time online monitoring of temperature for other electrical equipment.

As one of the future development directions of fiber optic temperature sensors, fluorescent fiber optic temperature sensors for smart grids also have the following advantages:

1. Immune to electromagnetic, radio frequency, and microwave;
2. No metal components, no magnetization;
3. High measurement accuracy and good stability;
4. Good reliability and repeatability;
5. Tight structure and long service life;
6. No calibration required.

Due to the unparalleled advantages of fiber optic temperature sensors compared to traditional temperature sensors, with the increasing maturity of fiber optic temperature sensor technology, the establishment of technical regulations and related standards, fluorescent fiber optic temperature sensors will gradually replace traditional temperature sensors and become one of the most important means of power grid temperature monitoring.

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Fluorescent fiber optic temperature sensors are one of the key equipment in the future smart grid. Vigorously developing the smart grid industry based on various smart sensors is an extension and expansion of China’s development of green new energy industry. It is a practical need to combine China’s industrial foundation, promote the accelerated transformation and upgrading of the power equipment manufacturing industry, adapt to future competition, and achieve sustainable development. It is an inevitable choice to seize the high-end market and technological high ground of the smart grid industry, and strive for greater development space. It is an effective way and carrier to accelerate the integration of industrialization and informatization. It has significant practical and long-term strategic significance for driving economic development, optimizing industrial structure, and transforming development methods.

Characteristics of fiber optic sensor temperature measurement

1. Ensure ideal isolation of primary and secondary power, good linearity, and high accuracy;
2. Multi channel transmission: The information collected by the system can be uploaded and scheduled through the FTU, GPRS, or communication management unit inside the substation. The transmission method can be flexibly selected according to the on-site environment
3. Not reducing the safety level of electrical equipment: The temperature measuring fluorescent fiber optic fire detector has a small volume, a diameter of 2.8mm, no metal materials or electronic components, good insulation, and high voltage resistance.
4. Full year and 24/7 security protection: at least 25 years, 365 days a year, 24/7 real-time monitoring and analysis.
5. Reduced monitoring blind spots and improved equipment safety.
6. Cost saving: Directly installed in the temperature rise area, real-time recording and display of monitoring point data, achieving the goal of unmanned monitoring stations.
7. Established maintenance basis: comprehensively grasp the operation status of equipment, predict and predict equipment aging, and propose maintenance time and plan based on equipment operation status.
8. Intelligent judgment: able to quickly judge and analyze the normal temperature, abnormal temperature, and fire of the tested object.



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