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What is a good temperature measurement system for circuit breakers

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Circuit breaker temperature measurement

Why do circuit breakers use temperature monitoring systems

The development of the power cable industry is very rapid, and many distribution station control systems have started industrial automation, monitoring and monitoring system communication digitization, making the maintenance and use of power supply equipment safer; The circuit breakers in the switchgear are commonly used during operation, which can easily lead to wear on the dynamic and static contacts of the circuit breakers, loose fasteners on the terminal busbar, and other phenomena; If the circuit breaker is not subjected to temperature monitoring, it is possible to generate high temperature heat, which can cause aging of the insulation components of the switchgear and potentially lead to fire or damage to power equipment.

FJINNO’s fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement system for switchgear circuit breakers effectively monitors and controls the temperature of the circuit breakers, making it convenient for on-site personnel to maintain the distribution cabinet. Reducing user losses and improving product maintenance and service life have achieved good economic benefits.

Temperature monitoring instrument for switchgear circuit breakers

The temperature operation monitoring of high-voltage switchgear is an important way to ensure the safe operation of the power system. However, traditional circuit breaker monitors only monitor the electrical parameters (voltage, current, and power) in real time. However, due to the limitations of high voltage, measurement point positions, and strong electric field interference, the contact temperature is not monitored in real time online by general monitoring equipment.

Fluorescent fiber optic temperature monitoring instrument for circuit breakers

Nowadays, switch cabinets are all small car type, because the circuit breaker and switch cabinet are connected by plugs. Poor manufacturing, transportation, and installation of the small car and switch cabinet can cause poor contact and increased contact resistance, resulting in high contact temperature rise or even burning, and power outage. These temperature rise phenomena are particularly prominent in high current switch cabinets such as incoming cabinets, which have a significant impact on the circuit breaker. The connection between the high-voltage switch contact and busbar is always in high voltage, high temperature, high magnetic field, and extremely strong electromagnetic interference environments. Traditional temperature measuring instruments such as thermocouples and infrared thermometers are easily affected by these factors, making it difficult to accurately measure these positions and thus unable to truly obtain the high voltage switch cabinet. The actual temperature value, resulting in local overheating inside the equipment but still operating at high load, The fiber optic temperature measurement device for monitoring the temperature of the contact arm of the circuit breaker can monitor the temperature of the contact arm of the circuit breaker online and detect thermal faults in the circuit breaker contact arm as soon as possible.

The temperature measurement methods for circuit breakers include infrared temperature measurement, thermal resistance temperature measurement, and fiber optic temperature measurement. Infrared temperature measurement is a direct measurement of an object’s surface by manually holding an infrared gun, which is easily affected by environmental temperature. Its biggest disadvantage is that it must be operated manually and cannot achieve online monitoring. Thermal resistors and thermocouples both require metal wires to transmit signals, which cannot solve insulation problems.

The fiber optic temperature detector for circuit breakers can monitor the temperature measurement of high voltage and high current electrical appliances. For example, for the temperature detection of the contact of 6-35kV vacuum circuit breakers, fluorescence fiber optic thermometers are mostly used. The fluorescence fiber optic thermometers consist of transmission fibers, fiber optic temperature sensors, fiber optic temperature transmitters, LCD display screens, and other components.




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