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Multi point fiber optic temperature sensor monitoring system for switchgear

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The switch cabinet point type fiber optic online temperature measurement system, fluorescent fiber optic temperature sensor online monitoring temperature device, monitors the operating temperature of electrical equipment in real time, especially the temperature of the switch cabinet contacts, busbars, electrical contacts and other positions that are prone to heating. The fiber optic temperature measurement system is an important means of temperature rise warning and prevention of switch cabinet failure accidents caused by temperature, so that the temperature inspection personnel of the switch cabinet can detect the heating of equipment joints in advance, and prevent more serious fire or power outage accidents.

Fiber optic sensors convert the temperature information of the monitored area into optical signals and transmit them to the fiber optic thermometer. They can be directly installed on the measured point, with accurate temperature measurement and rapid response.

The point type fiber optic thermometer receives real-time optical signals carrying temperature information sent by the fiber optic temperature sensor, and demodulates them into temperature values to achieve temperature measurement of the monitored area. When the actual measured value exceeds the alarm set value, an alarm signal is issued.

Several points for temperature measurement of 10KV switchgear

We need to achieve the upper static contact (A) of the 10kV high-voltage switchgear B. C) Three phase, lower static contact (A) B. C) Three phase, cable head (A) B. C) The temperature of the three-phase is monitored online, with a total of 9 detection points. Each switchgear is equipped with one 9-channel thermometer installed in the instrument room on the top layer of the switchgear, and one centralized monitoring host is configured in the main control room.

How to install fiber optic temperature sensors in switchgear

The fluorescent fiber optic sensor is installed at the junction of the static contact and the busbar. Special fixtures with high insulation, high thermal conductivity, high elasticity, high temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance are selected for the fixation of the sensing head. The optical fiber can be routed along the corners of the cabinet and the weak current trunking, or tied together with insulation ties with the secondary wires inside the cabinet. Point type optical fiber sensing technology is applied to temperature monitoring of high-voltage switchgear in power enterprises, achieving real-time online temperature detection at key equipment points (contacts, cable joints). At the same time, FJINNO adopts specially designed optical fibers with high voltage resistance, because the fiber itself has characteristics such as electrical insulation, safety, and no electromagnetic interference, fully meeting the requirements of high-voltage power switchgear equipment for optical fiber voltage resistance. It also has advantages such as high transmission bandwidth, stable signal, anti electromagnetic interference, anti bending, high impact strength, and fast connection; The material of fiber optic sheath has characteristics such as high temperature resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, high insulation, and non adhesion, and can adapt to harsh usage environments such as high voltage, high temperature, and strong electromagnetic.

FJINNO’s fiber optic temperature measurement device has overcome the technical difficulties of temperature measurement in high-voltage switchgear, improved the operational reliability of power cables and high-voltage switchgear, reduced electrical equipment damage or fire accidents caused by high temperatures, ensured the continuity of production and daily electricity consumption, and achieved huge social benefits.

Installation precautions for point type fiber optic temperature measurement system: The fiber optic should be prevented from being broken or stepped on during installation, and special attention should be paid to the fiber optic during installation and maintenance.

Advantages of point type multi-channel multi-channel temperature measurement system for switchgear

1) It will not affect the insulation of the switchgear. High voltage switchgear has high voltage and compact structure. The fiber optic temperature measurement system monitors the contact temperature inside the switchgear online, without damaging the original insulation layer of the equipment. The fiber optic monitoring system and fiber optic sensor size, sensor power supply, temperature signal acquisition and transmission method of the switchgear have been fully reported and tested to ensure high-voltage isolation.

2) Has strong resistance to electromagnetic interference. The internal electromagnetic environment of high-voltage switchgear is harsh, and traditional temperature sensors are prone to strong electric fields, magnetic fields, and electromagnetic interference caused by high voltage and high current. The fluorescent fiber optic contact temperature monitoring device has strong anti electromagnetic interference ability, ensuring the accuracy of monitoring results.

3) Good stability. During the operation of high-voltage switchgear, conductor loss and heating cause the temperature of the switchgear to be higher than the ambient temperature. Especially in case of poor contact of the contacts, local heating of the contacts is severe. Fiber optic sensors and signal acquisition equipment have good thermal stability.

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