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Fiber Bragg Grating Temperature Monitoring System

Classify the overheating faults that occur in power system equipment, including external thermal faults and internal thermal faults. For the former, it usually refers to the phenomenon of temperature rise in exposed joints with poor crimping under high current, which poses a hidden danger to the safety of the equipment; For the latter, it mainly refers to the phenomenon of cables sealed inside the material generating heat for a long time, causing local temperature rise. Detection of internal equipment faults can be achieved through temperature rise detection of surrounding materials. Fiber optic grating sensors have stronger resistance to electromagnetic interference, lower losses, and higher sensitivity than traditional sensors, and belong to passive independent devices. Their applications are gradually moving from laboratories to practical life, and their application in power systems has incomparable advantages compared to other sensors.

The fiber optic temperature sensor is connected to the reading instrument through optical fibers and connected to the monitoring computer through a bus. The volume of the fiber optic sensor is small, and the temperature sensing head is easy to contact the surface of the measured object. The main advantages of this type of sensor are that it is less affected by humid environments, has high resistance to electromagnetic interference, good insulation, and is not easily corroded.

Application of Fiber Bragg Grating Temperature Measurement System in Temperature Monitoring of Cable Tunnels

In power plants and substations, fiber optic grating temperature measurement systems can be used to monitor the temperature of cable interlayers, channels, and cable tunnels, playing a role in monitoring power cables. At this time, it is necessary to attach fiber optic sensors for temperature measurement to the surface of the cable, obtain real-time data on the surface temperature of the cable through the fiber optic grating temperature measurement system, and draw relevant curves together with the current flowing through the cable to calculate the temperature coefficient of the core wire in the cable. Based on the difference between the surface temperature of the cable and the temperature of the core wire, the relationship between the current and the surface temperature of the cable can be used as a reference for the safe operation of the power system. In addition, the cable in the tunnel is greatly affected by temperature, and it is necessary to have a clear understanding and real-time monitoring of the temperature of the tunnel, Ensure the normal operation of the cable. By applying the fiber optic grating temperature sensing system, continuous distributed temperature monitoring can be achieved; Ventilation devices and air conditioning systems can also be used in conjunction to ensure that the operating temperature of cables is within the allowable range in different seasons. In addition, the fiber optic grating temperature measurement system can also make effective overheating prediction, achieving early fire alarms that traditional heat source sensors cannot achieve; Combined with the use of fire alarm systems, the fire protection system can also be activated when the set alarm conditions are met.



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