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Fiber optic distributed temperature sensing system for underground coal mines

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The significance of coal mine fire prevention

Fire is one of the five major disasters in coal safety production, especially coal spontaneous combustion, which accounts for one-third. Spontaneous fires mainly occur in goafs, roof caving areas, and compressed coal pillars. In goaf, especially when using low recovery coal mining methods, there is more coal left in the goaf, which is most likely to cause spontaneous combustion of coal, accounting for 80% of the total number of spontaneous combustion fires in the mine. Mine fires should prioritize prevention. Therefore, it is of great significance to adopt advanced technological means to timely and accurately warn of fire hazards in mining underground. The main method of prevention is to conduct timely temperature detection in locations prone to spontaneous fires, and predict and predict mine fires to propose defensive measures.

The temperature detection instruments currently used are mainly infrared thermometers and thermistor, thermocouple, and semiconductor thermometers. The shortcomings of these temperature detection instruments are:
1. Large infrared warning equipment is complex and inconvenient to maintain; Small handheld infrared warning devices have poor measurement accuracy and cannot extend to the working face. They can only measure surface temperature and cannot measure the internal temperature of the compressed coal face, resulting in a dead zone;
2. Thermistor type, thermocouple, and semiconductor temperature measuring instruments, due to the need for independent wiring for each thermistor element, have complex wiring, are prone to damage, and require a large amount of maintenance;

3. Not equipped with self checking function and requiring frequent verification, therefore not suitable for fire warning in goaf;

4. Due to the fact that they are all single point temperature measurements, the transmission of electrical signals and wiring is complex and time lagged.

Explosion proof distributed fiber optic temperature measurement system for coal mine shafts

The explosion-proof fiber optic temperature measurement and fire warning device in coal mines not only has the advantages of fiber optic temperature measurement, which can achieve long-distance, continuous measurement points, intrinsic passive, simple structure, easy deployment, high voltage resistance, and electromagnetic interference resistance, but also has the performance of electrical insulation, safety and explosion prevention. It is particularly suitable for early warning of fires in positions prone to spontaneous combustion in coal mines.

Vehicle mounted drilling rig and underground fiber optic temperature and gas measurement system, including a load truck, vehicle mounted drilling rig, fiber optic temperature and gas measurement unit, data unit, fiber optic winch, and data display unit. The load truck includes a cab and a load bearing mechanism behind the cab. The vehicle mounted drilling rig is installed on the load bearing mechanism, and the fiber optic temperature and gas measurement unit is wrapped on the fiber optic winch. The fiber optic temperature and gas measurement unit can be detachably installed on the load bearing mechanism. The fiber optic temperature and gas measurement unit includes fiber optic, and there are several sensors distributed and packaged with a certain preset spacing inside the fiber optic. The outer layer of the fiber optic is equipped with a high-strength, high temperature and high pressure resistant sheath, which is used to collect temperature and gas data information. The fiber optic transmits data, and the sheath can protect the sensor and fiber optic from external factors when moving and collecting data. One end of the fiber On the drill bit, As the drill bit enters the drilling hole, the other end of the fiber optic is connected to a data unit, which includes a fiber optic measurement data demodulator and a connector. The connector connects the fiber optic and fiber optic measurement data demodulator, and the fiber optic measurement data demodulator analyzes the temperature, gas, and other data transmitted by the fiber optic. The data unit and data display unit are installed in the cab, and the data unit is connected to the data display unit.




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