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The temperature of the oil immersed transformer winding determines the performance and aging rate of the transformer. When the insulation temperature of the transformer winding is within the range of 80-130 ℃, the insulation aging rate will double for every 6 ℃ increase in temperature. That is, for every 6 ℃ increase in temperature, the insulation life will decrease by half. This is the “six degree rule” of insulation aging. If the hot spot temperature of the winding is too high, the service life of the transformer will be greatly shortened, and even cause a fire; If the temperature is too low, the operating efficiency of the transformer will be greatly reduced, causing certain economic losses. Therefore, reliable monitoring of transformer winding temperature is of great significance for ensuring the long-term safe operation of transformers and enhancing their economic value.

Oil immersed transformers have characteristics such as high temperature, high voltage, high magnetic field, and small space inside, making traditional temperature measurement equipment difficult to apply in such environments. Temperature sensors need to have characteristics such as strong electromagnetic interference resistance, good insulation performance, long-term stability, small size, high temperature resistance, and firmness. With the continuous development of various new materials and processes, fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement technology has also emerged, which can be applied in the above-mentioned harsh environments.

For oil immersed power transformers, when the load or ambient temperature is too high, or when the internal cooling oil passage of the winding is blocked, the winding temperature of the transformer will abnormally rise. At this point, the transformer will withstand a certain degree of danger, and the highest temperature that occurs in a certain part of the transformer winding is called the transformer hot spot temperature. Once the hot spot temperature exceeds the insulation limit temperature of the transformer, it will lead to insulation aging or damage, resulting in shortened transformer life and even damage to the main body.

In recent years, fiber optic technology has experienced rapid development and widespread application, and the application of fiber optic in the field of sensing technology has received attention from people. The characteristics of fiber optic sensors are good electromagnetic insulation performance, high voltage resistance, corrosion resistance, and high temperature resistance. They can be used in harsh conditions such as strong electromagnetic fields and strong radiation. With the development of fiber optic sensing technology, more and more countries are paying attention to direct measurement methods. Direct measurement methods involve burying fiber optic sensors directly in transformer windings and using temperature measuring instruments to measure and display winding temperatures. Unlike the traditional method of measuring the top or bottom oil temperature, fiber optic temperature measurement can be directly achieved through sensing sensors placed in the winding to achieve true and accurate measurement of hot spot temperature, which has the advantages of direct, real-time, and accurate measurement.

The most accurate method for measuring the temperature of transformer windings is the direct measurement method, which obtains the hot spot temperature of the winding by embedding a temperature sensor in the winding. For large, high voltage level oil immersed transformers, due to the long production cycle, expensive price, and significant impact on the power grid, the fiber optic temperature measurement probe is installed inside the transformer winding coil. The fiber optic probe inside the transformer will be exposed to environments such as transformer oil immersion, high voltage, and high temperature for a long time. Therefore, in order to ensure that the fiber optic probe can effectively measure the temperature of the winding coil for a long time, the fiber optic probe needs to have a very stable structure. FJINNO is a Chinese technology manufacturer with strong strength.




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