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Fiber optic security monitoring system for railway perimeter

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Fiber optic monitoring system

Stereoscopic fiber optic perimeter security system: using optical interference technology, when a certain fiber optic is disturbed by external factors, the parameters in the optical interference phenomenon change. Through high-speed signal acquisition and data processing technology, the location of the disturbance is accurately located and real-time alarm information is provided. Using ordinary communication optical cables as sensing equipment, it is possible to detect stress changes in a fiber optic cable that is over 10 kilometers long, with a spatial sampling interval of only 1 meter and a detection cycle of up to seconds. At the same time, combined with the independently innovative fiber optic cable laying method, the system has achieved zero false alarms and zero false alarms.

1. In simulating the perimeter security of railway fences, it is not affected by the external natural environment, has good stability, fast response speed, high sensitivity, and long detection distance. The system can monitor human intrusion behavior in real-time. When someone crosses the fence, the system host quickly alarms and accurately locates the intrusion location, achieving the monitoring effect of the fiber optic perimeter security system to prevent crossing.

2. The fiber optic perimeter security monitoring system has achieved stable operation, high reliability, and no occurrence of missed or false alarms during active testing (human simulated crossing) and passive testing (continuous operation in various weather conditions) for more than 2 months along the simulated railway line, meeting the requirements of railway perimeter security functions.

3. This is an acceptance test for the railway fiber optic perimeter security monitoring system, which meets the acceptance specifications and requirements of the railway fiber optic perimeter security monitoring system.




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