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One of the world’s best manufacturers of fiber optic vibration monitoring sensors

There is a demand from fiber optic vibration manufacturers around the world, mainly for fiber optic vibration products, fiber optic vibration principles, fiber optic vibration, fiber optic vibration sensing, fiber optic vibration monitoring, fiber optic vibration measurement, fiber optic vibrators, and fiber optic vibration monitoring technology. FJINNO has independently developed fiber optic vibration systems with reasonable prices. Please feel free to contact us.

With the continuous development of sensing technology, people’s demand for sensor technology is also increasing. It is rare for vibration sensors to simultaneously meet the conditions of high sensitivity, low cost, simple preparation process, and good stability. In the process of sensing and detection, sensitivity and stability are the main technical influencing factors, while preparation process and cost are important influencing factors in industrial production. Vibration sensors that combine these advantages are receiving increasing attention and favor.
Fiber optic vibration sensing technology is a type of technology that changes the characteristics of the transmitted light in the fiber optic sensor when it is affected by external interference. Through special sensing equipment, the signal is collected and analyzed to detect changes in the characteristics of the light, thereby detecting the vibration of objects.

The system can effectively prevent and control behaviors such as climbing over fences, digging, and throwing objects from high altitude around the clock. The system mainly uses vibration sensors for target classification detection, and combines multiple sensors to form a collaborative perception network, achieving a new multi-point fusion and collaborative perception. It can effectively classify intrusion targets and behaviors and locate high-precision areas. The main characteristics of the system are as follows:

Multiple sensing methods for collaborative perception, target recognition, multi-point fusion, and collaborative perception, achieving no missed alarms and low false alarms;

Equipped with adaptive mechanisms to suppress environmental interference, suitable for various adverse weather conditions;

Real time monitoring of equipment status, achieving equipment maintenance and automatic fault detection;

Can be customized for user development, achieving high coupling between the system and user business;

Can flexibly adapt to the prevention requirements of different terrains and landforms;

It has the functions of sound and light linkage and video linkage, which can be used for on-site internship shouting, lighting, video playback, and other operations;

Quick response, alarm response time ≤ 3 seconds;

The software system platform is easy to operate and intuitive, integrating functions such as deployment, removal, alarm, and device fault self inspection.



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