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Functional description of vibration fiber optic detection and alarm system quotation

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Characteristics of Vibration Fiber Optic Detection and Alarm System

1) The defense zone adopts ordinary optical cables for lightning protection and anti-interference
All sensors are ordinary optical cables that are not affected by electromagnetic interference or radiation, effectively avoiding damage to the system caused by lightning strikes. They do not interfere or affect various signal fields such as electromagnetic, radio frequency, wireless signals, and high-voltage electrostatic fields.
2) Modular structure supports hot swapping, making it easy to expand to 16 defense zones
Adopting a fully modular design, each defense zone analyzes signals independently and operates independently. When someone invades from different defense zones at the same time, the invaded defense zone can alarm simultaneously without affecting each other, and supports multiple defense zones to alarm simultaneously.
3) No power supply required for the entire defense zone, low passive energy consumption
Applying vibration sensing optical cables (ordinary optical cables) to the perimeter intrusion prevention field, the entire security perimeter does not require power supply, which not only improves system reliability and anti-interference ability, but also reflects the characteristics of energy conservation and environmental protection, effectively improving system availability and service life.
4) Patent exclusive single zone sensitivity adjustment, intelligent recognition, and low false alarm rate
The sensitivity and other alarm parameters of each defense zone in the system can be adjusted separately without affecting each other, to adapt to different peripheral environments, such as weather changes, plant growth, animal activity, and vehicles on nearby roads.
5) Suitable for harsh environments such as heavy rain and low temperatures.
Due to the use of optical cables as sensing media and powerful backend software to set parameters for the surrounding environment, the system has the ability to adapt to changes in the external environment.

Functional description of vibration fiber optic detection and alarm system quotation
The vibration fiber optic cable alarm processing unit sends coherent mode laser to the sensing fiber optic cable, which is installed on the iron wire mesh or other perimeter fiber optic fences. When illegal intruders climb, climb or interrupt the iron wire mesh, it will cause vibration, which will change the transmission mode of light. Part of the characteristics of the transmitted light in the vibration fiber optic cable will change. After signal acquisition and analysis, the vibration fiber optic cable alarm processing unit can detect changes in the characteristics of the light (i.e. attenuation, phase, wavelength, polarization, mode field distribution, and propagation time). By analyzing the characteristics of the changing waveform through software, the true situation of the event can be distinguished, thereby achieving the effect of “intrusion pattern recognition”, issuing alarm signals, and realizing the fiber optic alarm function.
No power supply required, using ordinary optical cables, monitoring distance can reach up to 60 kilometers;
Lightning protection and anti-interference, all outdoor parts are passive components;
Fiber optic monitoring (national defense technology) can be carried out through optical cables, utilizing sound composite alarm information;
High alarm sensitivity, sensitivity can be adjusted freely through software;
Equipped with an electronic map GIS system, graphical display, precise and intuitive;
Positioning accuracy ± 50 meters;
Military grade devices with high reliability performance guarantee; Years of experience in successful military border defense projects;
Easy maintenance, immediate alarm, and can be reused with simple repairs;
Can be integrated with the user’s existing monitoring system, facilitating video linkage, sound and light alarms, etc;
24/7 operation, real-time monitoring; Rapid response and real-time alarm;
Suitable for complex terrains: not limited by terrain conditions such as height, twists, turns, and bends;
Suitable for harsh climates: not affected by natural climates such as high temperature, low temperature, strong light, dust, rain, snow, fog, frost, etc;
Independent intellectual property rights, patented technology, internationally leading;
Intelligent recognition, low false alarm rate, unique single zone sensitivity adjustment;




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