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Distributed fiber optic perimeter security monitoring system/Distributed Fiber Optic/

Distributed Fiber Optic Pipeline Cable Vibration Perimeter Security Monitoring System

Measure distance:0-30KM  (Customizable)
Sampling interval:1 meter (Customizable)
positioning accuracy  :± 1 meters
Alarm judgment:excavate
Number of fiber optic cable cores occupied :one
Fiber type:Single mode
Communication interface:RS485, RS232, Ethernet, USB
Source:AC220V ± 10%
Laser radiation protection level:1M
Working temperature :0 ºC~40 ºC
Working humidity:0~95% without condensation
Maximum working altitude:4000 meters
Fiber optic interface:FC/APC

  • Product Details

Distributed optical fibers can achieve monitoring of sound, temperature, vibration, etc. in long-distance structures, and use phase OTDR technology to provide feedback on the refractive index changes and optical phase changes caused by fiber compression vibration. The fiber optic vibration monitoring and early warning system can achieve long-distance transmission of heating pipeline leakage monitoring, pipeline transmission anti-theft excavation, human damage and construction, etc. It can monitor the fiber optic monitoring and early warning system in real time, identify time-frequency and other characteristics, and give timely warnings.

Distributed fiber optic cable anti damage mining monitoring system


IF-FPS distributed fiber optic buried perimeter and anti excavation monitoring system

Why do cables need to install a distributed fiber optic vibration monitoring and security perimeter system?

In recent years, in order to meet the requirements of urban construction and environmental beautification, more and more power lines have been constructed using cable methods. The proportion of underground cables in the transmission and distribution system is increasing, and the scale is growing rapidly. However, during service, cables are often damaged by external forces, with frequent hidden faults and unpredictable types, locations, and timing. The advantages of safe and reliable cable power supply are seriously affected. Therefore, ensuring that cable power supply is not damaged by external forces has become an urgent problem that the power operation department needs to solve. However, traditional operation and maintenance techniques cannot effectively match the growth rate of power infrastructure, resulting in enormous pressure on the operation and maintenance of cable lines and cable channels.

This system relies on distributed fiber optic vibration sensing technology to achieve cable external damage monitoring, real-time measurement of vibration around transmission lines, positioning of abnormal locations, and identification of potential threats to the vertical distance of the optical cable, thereby effectively evaluating the level of external damage threat. This system can provide reliable transmission line anti external force damage warning function, effectively ensuring the safe operation of the power system.

Distributed fiber optic monitoring software

The core demodulation device of the cable anti external breakage monitoring system is placed in the monitoring room, used for the output of optical signals, photoelectric conversion processing, signal acquisition, and can be used for event identification and alarm information processing through digital signal analysis. By combining optical multiplexing modules, it is possible to achieve polling detection of multiple lines at a single site. The device adopts a series of innovative technologies such as fiber optic single core positioning. Through real-time monitoring of destructive behaviors that pose safety hazards to cables and disturbances in the surrounding environment during construction, information is collected and analyzed to determine the location, type, and intensity of disturbances, in order to help line maintenance personnel detect cable theft, intrusion, and damage in a timely manner. This device can monitor, accurately locate, and intelligently analyze events in real-time, and can also achieve early warning of accidents, effectively solving the early warning and monitoring of cable damage, providing alarm, intelligent analysis, and auxiliary decision-making support for on duty personnel.

The hardware device of the distributed fiber optic vibration perimeter security monitoring system adopts a standard structure, with a compact internal structure and strong stability, which can be installed in the cabinet of the substation communication room. The installation of the device is convenient, and can be completed by simply connecting a single end of a sensing fiber optic cable. Equipped with a built-in hard drive matrix, it can store monitoring data for a long period of time. By utilizing network interfaces and wireless transmission, remote monitoring and data transmission can be achieved.

Distributed fiber optic pipeline anti damage safety vibration monitoring systemDistributed fiber optic pipeline comprehensive monitoring (anti external damage, safety warning)

The application of distributed fiber optic vibration sensing technology in the prevention of external force damage to power cable pipelines is based on the principle of using the interference mechanism of OTDR (optical time domain reflectometer, OTDR) optical time domain reflectometer to test external disturbances. The pressure (vibration) generated by external disturbances on or near the optical cable causes a change in the phase of Rayleigh scattering light in the optical fiber. Due to the interference effect, the phase change of light will cause a change in light intensity. By monitoring the interference effect of the backward Rayleigh scattering signal at different times in real time, the position of the vibration signal can be located. By establishing a data model of the environmental characteristic parameters of the optical cable line and an alarm monitoring threshold model, the false alarm rate of monitoring alarms can be reduced.

Distributed Fiber Optic Vibration Cable Monitoring System


The distributed fiber optic vibration sensing system (anti external force damage system) consists of sensing fiber, vibration sensing monitoring alarm host, and vibration sensing monitoring alarm software.

Intrusion pattern recognition:

The distributed fiber optic vibration sensing system (anti external force damage system) can detect third-party illegal intrusion behaviors, including manual excavation, vehicle intrusion, and heavy machinery excavation, with high sensitivity and multiple recognition modes. When external vibration acts on sensing optical cables, it causes deformation of the fiber core in the cable, resulting in changes in the length and refractive index of the fiber core, and causing changes in the phase of the light waves in the cable. When light is transmitted in optical cables, it continuously generates backward transmission light. When external vibrations occur, the phase of the transmitted light changes accordingly. When these signal lights carrying external vibration information are reflected back to the system host, they are processed by the optical system to convert weak phase changes into light intensity changes. After photoelectric conversion and signal processing, they enter the computer for data analysis. The system determines the occurrence of an intrusion event based on the analysis results, and calculates the vibration distance through the speed of light based on the arrival time of backward transmitted light to confirm the intrusion location.

Application cases

The distributed fiber optic vibration sensing system (anti external force damage system) currently has relevant application cases in China. It uses existing communication optical cables in power submarine cables to accurately detect vibrations around the cables, and issue accurate warnings and positioning for dangerous operations such as excavation operations and anchoring of large ships. Distributed fiber optic vibration sensing technology has been successfully applied to safety monitoring of major infrastructure such as long-distance oil and gas pipelines, power cables, and submarine cables, as well as national core areas. In recent years, efforts have been made to explore the application of distributed fiber optic sensing technology in railway safety.

Fiber optic perimeter security comprehensive monitoring system

Distributed vibration fiber optic device is a safety device that utilizes fiber optic sensing technology to monitor environmental vibrations. It achieves comprehensive vibration monitoring of a specific area by laying optical fibers and utilizing their sensitivity to vibration. When the external environment vibrates, the optical signal in the fiber optic will be affected and undergo changes. Distributed vibration fiber optic products can sense the occurrence of vibration and locate and analyze it by capturing the changes in these optical signals.

Product features

High sensitivity: Distributed vibration fiber optic products can capture small vibration signals, even small vibrations can be “captured” by it, thus achieving precise monitoring of targets.

Accurate positioning: Once vibration occurs, this product can not only sense it, but also accurately locate the specific location of the vibration, helping people quickly find the problem.

Strong anti-interference ability: Compared with traditional electronic monitoring equipment, distributed vibration fiber optic products are not affected by electromagnetic interference and can work stably in various complex environments.

Strong adaptability: This product can adapt to various lengths of laying needs, whether it is short distance or long distance, it can easily handle.

Easy to install and maintain: The installation of distributed vibration fiber optic products is relatively simple, and maintenance is also very convenient, greatly reducing the cost of use.

Distributed vibration fiber optic systems are widely used in various fields, such as perimeter security, pipeline monitoring, and bridge health monitoring, due to their high sensitivity, precise positioning, and strong anti-interference ability. In the field of perimeter security, it can be used to monitor illegal intrusion behavior; In the field of pipeline monitoring, it can be used to detect leaks and damages in pipelines; In the field of bridge health monitoring, it can be used to monitor the vibration situation of bridges in real time and prevent potential safety hazards.




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