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Classification of fiber optic monitoring systems

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Fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement Fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement device Distributed fluorescence fiber optic temperature measurement system

What is a fiber optic thermometer
Fiber optic thermometer is an instrument for measuring temperature, mainly used in power cables, switchgear, transformers, and environments that require precise temperature measurement and insulation anti-interference. It is designed based on the lifetime afterglow characteristics of fluorescent fiber optic temperature sensors. Distributed fiber optic sensors can be used in fields such as temperature measurement, pressure, strain, and fire monitoring.

Classification of fiber optic monitoring systems

Distributed fiber optic monitoring systems can be classified as:
Power cable temperature monitoring system
Distributed fiber optic temperature measurement and early warning system for cable tray
Distributed fiber optic temperature sensing fire detection system
Distributed Fiber Optic Temperature Measurement System for Tunnel Urban Comprehensive Pipe Gallery

The host of fiber optic grating sensors can be divided into:
Fiber Bragg Grating Humidity Sensor
Fiber Bragg Grating Temperature Sensor
Fiber Bragg Grating Displacement Sensor
Fiber Bragg Grating Earth Pressure Sensor
Fiber Bragg Grating Strain Sensor
Fiber optic fence perimeter security monitoring (anti rollover)
Fiber optic fence perimeter security monitoring (anti crossing)
Fiber optic restricted area protection monitoring
Fiber optic buried perimeter monitoring

Fiber optic thermometers can be widely used in various application fields such as engineering temperature measurement, switchgear, military, construction, geology, agriculture, forestry, real estate, water conservancy, communication, environment, etc. It is a highly adaptable temperature measurement device.

For power system personnel and research laboratories, the quality of temperature sensors directly affects the temperature stability of the measured object. If there is a problem with the thermometer, it can cause the temperature of the measured object, such as the switchgear, to rise. Below, FJINNO will introduce some problems caused by poor temperature measuring instruments.

1. Temperature collection data accuracy
The temperature data collected by low-quality temperature sensors and the values collected by good fluorescent fiber temperature sensors are mainly reflected in temperature errors. If there is a serious error between the displayed temperature of the instrument and the actual temperature, it will affect the equipment’s troubleshooting standards and time. Especially in the medical industry, accurate temperature data is needed. In this way, the temperature monitoring of MRI equipment can be improved. Otherwise, if the hospital’s instrument temperature detection does not meet the standard, it will affect the treatment of patients, which is very significant.

2. The installation and operation process of the fiber optic thermometer is clear
Then comes the degree of installation operation for fiber optic temperature measurement. If the installation operation is too difficult at the beginning, it will be inconvenient for future use. It is not only time-consuming and labor-intensive, but also a waste of energy. Using such a thermometer is also important for customers. FJINNO excellent fiber optic temperature measurement instruments are different, and they all pursue convenience and accurate temperature measurement.

3. Poor quality rangefinder after-sales maintenance
A temperature measuring instrument, whether it is a sensor for temperature or pressure measurement, if there is a problem with the instrument, it is always necessary to contact the manufacturer for consultation and maintenance. The maintenance cost is not to mention, but the main thing is to monitor the normal temperature of the power switchgear manufacturer in real time. After all, the circuit breakers in the switchgear need to continuously monitor the temperature of the contacts or busbars, which has a significant impact on the temperature of the switchgear.

So, how to choose high-quality fiber optic thermometer wholesale, and how to choose the top ten domestic thermometer brands.

1. Is the product information of the fiber optic sensor complete
From the website of a fiber optic thermometer manufacturer, based on the product information and solutions on the website, as well as the application scope and customer cases of temperature measurement equipment, company size, etc., check whether the temperature measurement accuracy can meet the temperature measurement standards and whether it is accurate. Those who cannot meet the temperature measurement requirements should be carefully selected.

2. Check the convenience of use
The installation and use of an instrument are convenient, and it is necessary to understand this for later use. You can basically understand it by reading the fiber optic temperature measurement product manual. If it is too cumbersome, later use will inevitably be very troublesome, so try to choose a simpler operation.

3. After sales maintenance time
Buying fiber optic temperature measuring instruments is also an important equipment, and it is necessary to maintain good communication with the manufacturer during product installation and use. If there are problems during use, will the seller provide us with technical support? This must be understood clearly with the fiber optic temperature measuring manufacturer. Otherwise, if there are problems later on, we will be unable to contact the other party, which will be more troublesome.

4. Before purchasing, you can check the Google ranking of fiber optic temperature measurement
If a merchant has good product quality and reputation, their products will definitely have good reviews in various places. This can be checked online to check the merchant’s reputation and evaluation, and see if the merchant can trust us to buy their fiber optic thermometer.




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