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How to use fiber optic sensors to measure temperature in electrical temperature measurement

Electrical temperature measurement

There are many parameters that change during the operation of power equipment, such as physical quantities including voltage, current, sound, vibration, temperature, humidity, etc., as well as chemical quantities including gas content in oil, micro water content, etc. These parameters have different changes when the equipment is in different states. Evaluate the status of the equipment by collecting and observing the changes and trends of these parameters. Of course, not every device needs to monitor all parameters. High voltage equipment needs to focus on observing voltage, current, and contact point temperature. If it is an oil filled equipment, attention should be paid to information such as oil temperature and gas content in the oil to determine the status of the equipment.

Temperature measurement of electrical equipment

The temperature of the conductor is closely related to its current carrying capacity, in order to maximize the utilization of existing transmission lines. By monitoring the wire temperature and recording it in real time, it is possible to maximize the utilization of transmission lines while preventing accidents caused by wire overheating.

Electrical temperature measurement methods

The safety and reliability of power equipment is an important link in ensuring the safety of transmission and distribution as well as the power grid. As a widely used power equipment, enclosed switchgear has also received more attention to its safety and reliability. The temperature measurement device for the electrical contacts of the equipment inside the enclosed switchgear used to be unable to diagnose the working status of the contacts and can only give an alarm for abnormal temperatures. When an abnormal temperature occurs, the switchgear is already in or approaching a fault state. Therefore, the research and development of a new high-precision and highly reliable online monitoring and fault diagnosis system for switchgear is of great significance.

Electrical temperature measurement device

The optical fiber temperature sensing device is installed on the contact of the equipment to be measured, and the optical fiber modem installed on the shell inside the switch cabinet is connected with the sensing device through the optical fiber cable, and then the demodulator outputs the temperature data for further analysis and utilization.

Electrical contact temperature measurement device

The transmission distance of optical fibers can reach hundreds or even tens of kilometers, and the electrical contact temperature measurement device, which is easy to measure, is an auxiliary device used for temperature detection of electrical contacts in electrical systems. It has been widely used in the field of electrical equipment; The existing electrical contact temperature measurement device that is convenient for measurement includes a fixed plate, a detection box, a transmission wire, and a temperature measurement probe. The bottom end of the detection box is connected to the central area at the top of the fixed plate, and a display screen is set in the upper half of the front wall of the detection box. The temperature measurement probe is electrically connected to the detection box through the transmission wire; When using the existing electrical contact temperature measurement device that is easy to measure, the detection box is first transported to a designated location, and the temperature of the electrical contacts is detected through a temperature measuring probe. The temperature signal detected by the temperature measuring probe is transmitted to the detection box through a transmission wire, with low loss, anti electromagnetic interference, and very ideal safety. At the same time, it carries a large amount of data, and the optical cable itself is an insulation material, which is very suitable for long-distance transmission of large data information in the power system.



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