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Transformer fiber optic winding temperature measurement is mainly applied to oil immersed transformer windings. Fluorescent fiber optic is used to monitor the winding temperature rise of oil immersed transformers, with accurate temperature measurement, stable performance, safety, high voltage resistance, and anti-interference.

Foreign imported winding fiber optic thermometers face difficulties in use, inability to provide after-sales service, and inability to customize demand. Most large-scale oil transformer winding temperature measurement devices in China use fluorescent fiber optic thermometers produced and developed by FJINNO.

The most accurate method for internal heat dissipation in transformers is to use a fiber optic temperature measurement system for measurement. The winding fiber optic temperature measurement system can directly achieve distributed measurement of transformer winding temperature, with the characteristics of accurate measurement, low interference, and long service life. The fiber optic sensor is installed at the end of the winding, and real-time online monitoring of the fiber optic temperature at the end of the winding can effectively solve the installation problem of the fiber optic sensor and timely detect internal heat dissipation faults during abnormal operation of the transformer. This maximizes the prevention of unexpected accidents, reduces operation and maintenance costs, and reduces the loss of transformer life.

Transformer temperature measurement mainly measures the temperature of two places: one is the oil surface temperature, and the other is the winding temperature. Transformer oil is stored in the transformer, which mainly plays a role in heat dissipation, arc suppression, and insulation during operation. The oil surface temperature is the temperature of the transformer oil. A winding refers to a group of wire turns that make up an electrical circuit corresponding to a voltage value marked on a transformer, namely the iron core and cables of the transformer, which are also located inside the transformer. By measuring the oil surface temperature and/or winding temperature, the internal temperature of the transformer can be obtained.

Fiber optic temperature measurement can directly measure the real and accurate temperature of hotspots through a sensing probe placed in the winding, providing users with direct dynamic measurement, which has the advantages of direct, real-time, and accurate. With the development of fiber optic technology and the vigorous promotion of smart substations, fiber optic temperature measurement technology has been widely applied in the power transformer industry.

Technical indicators: The following is a general introduction. Please contact us for the latest detailed information and customized functions to request

Number of channels 1,2, 3,4, 6,8,9,12,16 Power Supply AC220V
Measuring range -40 °C ~ 260 °C communication interface RS485、 Ethernet port
Temperature measurement accuracy ±1 °C Analog output 4-20mA
resolving power 0.1 °C relay 6 个
Sampling frequency (per channel) 500 ms Display method lcd
working temperature -20°C ~ 75°C Sensing probe Quartz fiber optic
Storage temperature -30°C ~ 85°C relative humidity 95% (no condensation)




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