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Temperature measurement of substation switchgear

The power industry, as an important pillar industry in national economic production, is the fundamental industry of the national economy and an important industry related to the overall livelihood of the country and people. It is an indispensable pillar in the economic development of various countries around the world. Electricity is a fundamental industry related to social technological productivity and national economy and people’s livelihood. The development of electricity and the progress of electricity technology will not only greatly promote the development of the national economy; At the same time, it also makes important contributions to the promotion of social progress.

Why is temperature measurement of switchgear necessary

With the rapid development of our country’s economy, higher requirements have been put forward for the safe operation of power equipment in the transmission network. The temperature of power equipment during operation, especially the temperature of connection points, has an extremely important impact on the normal operation of power equipment. Because the long-term operation of transformers, circuit breakers, reactors, isolating switches, lightning arresters, inlet and outlet bus joints, conductive busbars, high-voltage switchgear and other connection points in substations often leads to an increase in contact resistance due to excessive carrying current or surface oxidation, resulting in high temperature and overheating faults at the connection points. If faults are not detected and dealt with in a timely manner, the insulation performance of insulation components will decrease, causing safety hazards, and even causing damage to the transmission network. Paralysis. Therefore, in order to ensure the safe and stable operation of power equipment, major power companies have invested a lot of manpower and material resources in equipment inspection. Currently, infrared temperature detectors or thermal imagers are mainly used to detect the temperature of equipment in substations. However, this detection method not only requires a large number of personnel and equipment, but also often has problems such as low inspection efficiency, poor real-time performance, and easy leakage and misdetection, which makes it difficult to detect abnormal temperature changes in equipment in a timely manner and poses hidden dangers to the safe and stable operation of power equipment.

High voltage switchgear is an important electrical equipment in power engineering construction and is widely used in substation engineering design. With the increasing demand for power supply reliability from users, higher requirements have been put forward for the safety and stability of the operation of high-voltage switchgear equipment in substations. The electrical connection parts such as isolation switches, dynamic and static contacts, and cable heads inside the high-voltage switchgear often experience high temperatures during long-term operation, especially in unmanned substations with heavy loads in cities. If the temperature inside the switchgear exceeds the limit during overloaded operation, it will directly affect the safe and stable operation of the equipment, and have a significant impact on the service life of the equipment and the operation and maintenance work of the power supply department. Therefore, achieving online monitoring of the internal contact temperature of the switchgear can effectively prevent switchgear accidents, promote safe operation of equipment and reliable power supply.

FJINNO’s fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement system can monitor the temperature status of substation equipment in real time, predict faults caused by overheating early, provide alarms when faults occur, and upload alarm signals to the main control room duty officer or remote dispatch personnel through the upper computer. At the same time, the system can accurately locate the heating position, guide maintenance work, improve the reliability and safety of high-voltage switchgear operation, and prevent switchgear accidents from occurring.



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