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In recent years, the widespread use of household appliances has led to a significant increase in urban and rural electricity consumption, which has also put forward increasingly high requirements for the safety and reliability of power supply in the power grid. In the power grid, high-voltage switchgear plays a dual role in closing and disconnecting power lines, as well as protecting system safety. Due to the rapid increase in the number of high-voltage switchgear applications in the distribution network, data shows that by the end of the 1990s, there were more than 270000 distribution switches operating in the national power system, which doubled compared to the previous year. However, the high-voltage switchgear in the 10kV distribution network is affected by various factors such as daily operation, external damage, and overloaded lines, resulting in a huge proportion of overheating faults. Especially during peak summer and high load periods of the power grid every year, the overall damage caused by overheating of the contacts inside the switchgear often occurs. During long-term operation, the contacts and busbar connections of the switch may heat up due to aging or increased contact resistance. Prolonged overheating can cause deterioration of the insulation material, leading to malfunctions and even explosions in the switchgear. Ultimately leading to the occurrence of fires or large-scale power outages.

Temperature measurement method for switchgear

A. Manual inspection

Opening the cabinet for inspection is time-consuming and labor-intensive, with low work efficiency. Moreover, it is very inconvenient to inspect high-voltage, especially ultra-high voltage switchgear, and it also poses certain risks.

B. Infrared temperature measurement

The advantage of using a mobile infrared thermometer to monitor the switchgear at a certain distance is convenience, but the disadvantage is that it is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and requires timed and fixed points, and the temperature measurement is not accurate.

c. Fiber optic temperature measurement

The fluorescent fiber optic thermometer for switchgear can effectively avoid the drawbacks of the above temperature measurement methods, with accurate temperature measurement and no need for manual monitoring, and can measure temperature 24 hours a day.

The switchgear thermometer is used to detect the temperature of various devices inside the switchgear, and there are many different thermometer brands and distributors on the market.

As manufacturers pay more and more attention to the temperature measurement needs of switchgear, there are naturally more and more instruments for detecting switchgear, and switchgear temperature sensors are one of them. However, there are many manufacturers of switchgear temperature sensors in the market, so how to choose the appropriate switchgear temperature measurement products.

1. Choose appropriate temperature measurement products

For the most suitable fluorescent fiber optic temperature measurement for switchgear, distributed fiber optic temperature measurement is suitable for cable trenches or tunnels, and temperature control systems for alarms are suitable for using fiber optic grating fire detectors, etc.

2. Accuracy of temperature measurement products

A temperature measurement product for a switchgear must be able to accurately measure temperature, otherwise there is a risk for the power industry. If the temperature measurement is not accurate, it will affect the normal operation of the switchgear.

3. Stability of temperature measurement products

A temperature measuring product must be able to operate stably for a long time and cannot malfunction after a period of time, which indicates that the quality of the product is not up to standard.

4. After sales service for temperature measurement products

After selling a temperature measuring instrument, a manufacturer must take full responsibility for the product, ensuring that the instructions for use and maintenance of the product are in place.

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