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How to measure high temperature on the surface of reactor vaporization furnace

Surface temperature monitoring of the reactor
Provide an ideal solution for products affected by high temperature or high pressure levels. Our distributed fiber optic temperature measurement system allows for complete distribution and continuous monitoring of the entire surface of the reactor vessel without the need for drilling or drilling.

There are usually large areas and many different structures for monitoring, and distributed fiber optic temperature measurement hosts are very suitable because they provide a long monitoring range. Our company is very familiar with distributed fiber optic temperature measurement system projects, and the solution can adapt to precise applications.

Many chemical reactors operate at high temperatures. These reactors typically include thermosensitive structures and/or continuous refractory layers to reduce heat loss and protect pressure vessels or other structures from overheating. Monitoring the temperature of the entire reactor surface is essential for early detection of critical operating conditions and ensuring the integrity of the refractory layer or other reactor structures.

Temperature monitoring not only saves valuable maintenance time and shortens maintenance intervals, but is also important for optimizing chemical process parameters.

DTS distributed fiber optic temperature measurement system for chemical containers: a safe and functional solution for monitoring reactor surface temperature

The Distributed Temperature Sensing System (DTS) utilizes high-temperature resistant optical fibers and fiber optic temperature sensor cables as efficient and powerful tools. Each distributed fiber optic temperature measurement device monitors thousands of locations along a twisted sensor cable that covers hundreds to thousands of square meters of surface.

The fiber optic sensor cables used in distributed fiber optic temperature measurement systems do not carry electrical energy and are essentially safe in explosive environments. It can be integrated into the refractory layer or directly installed on the surface of the container without the need for proprietary high-temperature magnets for welding or drilling.

All stages of the temperature measurement project track customers, from on-site investigations to project management and execution, to training services and ongoing customer support, providing complete temperature and strain mapping structures, such as reactors or gasifiers, allowing operators to quickly detect and accurately locate anomalies caused by cracks in insulation layers.

The distributed fiber optic temperature measurement solution allows for customized alarm areas and standards, with low maintenance costs, and can provide all-weather complete temperature background monitoring visualization.



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