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The best way to monitor the hot spot temperature of the busbar contacts in switchgear is through fiber optic temperature measurement

Why do high-voltage switchgear need to monitor temperature
As a very important electrical equipment in power plants and substations, switchgear has dynamic and static contacts and bus bar joints that are in high voltage and high current working conditions for a long time. Due to factors such as surface oxidation, corrosion, loose fastening bolts, and contact aging, the contact resistance increases at the junction of dynamic and static contacts, as well as at the connection of the busbar. This causes an increase in temperature at the contact or joint, and the degree of overheating will continue to intensify, which will affect the insulation performance and equipment life.

Hot spot fiber optic temperature measurement for switchgear

Advantages of fiber optic online temperature measurement system for switchgear

The fluorescent fiber optic real-time online temperature monitoring system for switchgear can achieve online monitoring of the temperature of switchgear contacts and cable joints, which is an inevitable requirement for condition maintenance and digital substations.

Anticipated maintenance: early warning, achieving “unmanned duty” and “pre management” to prevent accidents;

Unmanned monitoring: saving manual inspections and filling monitoring blind spots;

Low cost monitoring: effectively locate temperature abnormal alarms, guide staff to carry out location maintenance, save time, and improve maintenance efficiency;

Avoiding potential safety hazards and accidents: providing effective guarantees for achieving safety production.

The advantages of fluorescent fiber optic temperature sensors

The temperature monitoring system of the fluorescent fiber optic switchgear provided by our company adopts advanced and mature fluorescent fiber optic temperature sensing technology. By utilizing the inherent insulation and electromagnetic field interference resistance of the fiber optic, it is a non charged measurement method that fundamentally solves the problem of difficult monitoring of the operating temperature of the contacts inside the high-voltage switchgear. It has extremely high reliability and safety, low price, easy installation, and can be installed on each high-voltage switchgear. Data can be transmitted to a safe zone through optical fiber for direct display and reading. It can also be connected to the power network system through fiber optic or wireless transmission to achieve remote warning function.

The fluorescent fiber optic real-time online temperature monitoring system for switchgear, with its unique design, performance, and price advantages, has the characteristics of insulation voltage resistance, anti pollution flashover, flexible configuration, convenient construction, stability and reliability, and convenient application, while ensuring that the original equipment voltage level and safety performance are not reduced. It can be integrated into single-sided switchgear and can also form a temperature online monitoring system for multi sided switchgear.

Compared with traditional electric sensors, optical fiber temperature measurement system has the following advantages:

It can achieve multi-channel and multi-point temperature monitoring, suitable for large-scale temperature point monitoring;

High measurement accuracy and resolution;

The sensing quantity detection and transmission are both optical signals, unaffected by electromagnetic interference and nuclear radiation;

Strong environmental adaptability, suitable for long-term use in harsh environments such as high temperature, high humidity, and chemical erosion;

The fiber optic temperature measurement host is lightweight, small in size, and easy to install and use;



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