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Distributed fiber optic applications in the fields of oil, gas, heat, and pipeline safety monitoring, security monitoring, vibration temperature measurement, etc. FJINNO provides various fiber optic sensor applications from different industries. Welcome to contact us!
The Application of Fiber Optic Vibration Sensors

With the continuous development of sensing technology, people’s demand for sensor technology is also increasing. It is rare for vibration sensors to simultaneously meet the conditions of high sensitivity, low cost, simple preparation process, and good stability. In the process of sensing and detection, sensitivity and stability are the main technical influencing factors, while preparation process and cost are important influencing factors in industrial production. Vibration sensors that combine these advantages are receiving increasing attention and favor.

The importance of pipeline monitoring systems

Pipelines are essential material transportation facilities for important systems such as natural gas, oil, urban heating, and gas. It is of great significance for the development of the national economy and the transportation of energy and materials. At the same time, pipeline facilities have a huge investment and are mostly located in trenches or buried below the ground. They have a certain degree of concealment in space. If they are damaged due to human or natural reasons, it is difficult to detect them in a timely manner. The leakage of flammable and explosive substances will bring great safety hazards. If this causes a fire or explosion accident, it will bring huge economic losses, and even cause significant casualties and social disorder.

Illegal intrusion and destructive behavior pose a serious threat to the safety of basic equipment and facilities such as military bases, communication cables, oil and gas pipelines, and perimeter security. Timely and accurate identification of various illegal intrusion and destructive behaviors (hereinafter referred to as disturbance signals) that endanger the safety of cables, pipelines, and security systems has important research value and practical significance.

Distributed Fiber Optic Vibration Monitoring and Security System

Fiber optic sensors, as a wavelength modulated photonic device, not only have the advantages of light weight, small size, high accuracy, reusability, corrosion resistance, and no electromagnetic interference, but also have commercial applications. Vibration is a common phenomenon, and reasonable solutions to vibration problems in engineering practice have important engineering application value. In the pipeline vibration fiber optic monitoring device, vibration sensing monitoring and temperature monitoring for municipal pipelines such as natural gas can be used to detect and warn of natural gas pipeline infringement events and detect and analyze damage and leakage points. The sensing monitoring is achieved through the induction measurement of the pipeline through fiber optic, utilizing the advantages of fiber optic’s anti electromagnetic interference ability, convenient networking, and inherent large signal transmission bandwidth. The fiber optic vibration and temperature sensors break through the limitations of electrical sensors, providing a very effective monitoring method for environments that require explosion-proof, anti-corrosion, and even electromagnetic field interference. It realizes all-weather and all-round monitoring of the sub health status of natural gas and other pipelines through early detection and early warning.

Distributed fiber optic sensing vibration

Distributed fiber optic sensing disturbance detection technology has become the mainstream technology for intrusion behavior security monitoring due to its strong resistance to electromagnetic interference, high sensitivity, large dynamic range, easy to quickly capture, and high-precision monitoring of dynamic change information. However, due to the complex and variable natural environment, optical path noise, and line scattering noise, as well as the randomness and diversity of external invasion and destructive behavior, there are substantial difficulties in improving recognition rate and reducing false alarm rate for fiber optic sensing disturbance signal detection methods. FJINNO provides a simple, fast, and accurate method and system for detecting fiber optic sensor signals, achieving fast and accurate recognition of disturbance signals.




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