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china distributed temperature sensing Temperature sensing fiber optic system for subway tunnels

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With the continuous improvement of China’s basic transportation infrastructure, more and more highway tunnels are built and put into operation. The safety of tunnel operation is closely related to personal and property safety, and it is increasingly valued, especially for some longer highway tunnels. The operation safety of highway tunnels includes a very important aspect, which is tunnel fire safety. Tunnels are narrow underground buildings with strong sealing, and only have exits at both ends. If a fire is not extinguished in time, it will cause significant economic losses and casualties. Therefore, it is really important to do a good job in fire protection of highway tunnels.

With the progress of our society and the development of the economy, the construction of tunnels in our country is changing rapidly. More and more tunnel projects such as railway tunnels, highway tunnels, and underwater tunnels are being put into operation, greatly improving the traffic conditions in cities and surrounding areas. The tunnel has a large volume of traffic, complex operating conditions, and numerous influencing factors. In terms of structure, problems such as tunnel deformation, settlement, cracking, and water leakage are becoming increasingly prominent. In terms of environment, problems such as high temperature, water accumulation, and fire are becoming increasingly prominent. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of the tunnel during its operation period and to ensure that the tunnel structure is always in a safe, reliable, and controlled state during the design reference period, it is necessary to carry out long-term health monitoring of tunnel engineering.

Distributed Temperature Sensing Fiber Optic System for Tunnels

The advantages of corrosion resistance, electromagnetic interference resistance, and long service life of fiber optic sensing networks make them an ideal means of monitoring the health of building structures, especially for monitoring urban underground engineering. Temperature sensing optical fibers are an important component of temperature detection in subway tunnels. Tunnel temperature sensing optical fibers generally use armored optical fibers, which are wrapped with a layer of metal armor on the outside of the optical fibers to protect the fiber cores inside, and make the optical fibers have strong pressure and tensile resistance, and can prevent rodent bites and moisture.
Fire detection is the most important part of firefighting work, and detecting fires is a prerequisite for reducing economic losses. The fire detection systems in existing technologies are mainly used in indoor and other factory areas. The equipment has a large volume and a short signal transmission distance, making it difficult to apply to narrow shaped areas such as highway tunnels. Moreover, equipment is prone to damage due to the humid environment of highway tunnels; In addition, longer highway tunnels require higher accuracy in fire detection.

Temperature sensing fiber optic system for subway tunnels

Temperature sensing optical fiber is an important component of subway tunnel temperature detection. Tunnel temperature sensing optical fiber generally uses armored optical fiber, which is wrapped with a layer of metal armor on the outside of the optical fiber to protect the fiber core inside, and make the optical fiber have strong pressure and tensile resistance, which can prevent rodent bites and moisture. A tunnel safety monitoring system based on fiber optic sensors includes structural fiber optic sensors, environmental fiber optic sensors, fiber optic temperature and strain measurement systems, fiber optic fire detection systems, fiber optic switches, and cloud servers. The fiber optic sensors and environmental fiber optic sensors are respectively connected to a fiber optic demodulator through fiber optic cables, and the fiber optic demodulator, fiber optic temperature and strain measurement system, and fiber optic fire detection system are all connected to the signal input end of the fiber optic switch through fiber optic cables, and the fiber optic switch is connected to the cloud server through fiber optic cables. The fire warning and temperature monitoring of subway tunnels are directly related to personal safety and public property safety. The linear fiber optic differential temperature fire detection system can prevent accidents and ensure the safe and energy-saving operation of the subway system by real-time online detection of tunnel temperature and before a fire occurs.




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