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The working principle of a new type of fire detection system based on fiber optic grating temperature sensing technology

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The fiber optic grating temperature sensing fire detection system is a new type of fire detection system based on fiber optic grating temperature sensing technology. It has the characteristics of high sensitivity, good long-term stability, and distributed installation measurement. Due to its passive measurement characteristics of all optical fibers, it is particularly suitable for use in harsh environments such as flammable, explosive, and strong electromagnetic. Fiber optic grating sensor is a new type of fiber optic sensor made of fiber optic gratings. It is an all fiber passive device developed in the 1990s. Various sensors can be made using fiber optic gratings, such as temperature, strain, stress, acceleration, pressure, etc. Different fiber optic grating sensors can have different operating wavelengths, so wavelength division multiplexing technology can be used to cascade multiple fiber optic grating sensors in a single fiber for distributed measurement, enhancing the flexibility of wiring. Fiber optic sensors have the characteristics of small size, light weight, compatibility with optical fibers, low insertion loss, and good long-term stability in performance. Fiber optic temperature sensors are the fastest growing branch of fiber optic sensors, replacing traditional temperature sensors such as resistance strain gauges. Compared with traditional resistance strain gauges, fiber optic sensors have obvious advantages such as small size, light weight, no electromagnetic interference, radiation resistance, distributed measurement, etc. Therefore, they have been widely used in the field of temperature measurement.

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The fiber optic grating temperature sensing fire detection system adopts the world’s leading spectral detection technology, providing high-precision wavelength resolution and meeting the long-term stability requirements of industrial environments. The system uses wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) demodulation technology to demodulate the fiber optic temperature sensor array, and the main control unit uses an industrial computer for data processing. This high-speed and high-capacity data processing equipment can quickly process a large amount of data required for spectral analysis. The basic functional modules included in the system include temperature sensors, light source modules, wavelength standards, fiber optic couplers, photodetectors, main control modules, and signal output modules.

The temperature sensor array adopts wavelength division multiplexing technology, and multiple temperature sensors can be multiplexed on a single fiber optic cable, making the system have the characteristics of distributed data collection and improving the flexibility of system installation, especially suitable for multi-point fire monitoring. The light source module adopts a high-power broadband ASE light source, greatly improving the accuracy and sensitivity of sensor temperature monitoring. The wavelength standard enables more accurate and rapid detection of the central wavelength of the sensor, improving the accuracy of wavelength detection. The main control module uses the most advanced industrial computer to process and display data. The large capacity and fast data processing ability of the industrial computer shortens the response time of the system, making the wavelength demodulation of the sensor very accurate and fast. The software of the main control module calculates the change in ambient temperature based on the central wavelength of the sensor. At the same time, according to the user’s settings, it can promptly issue high temperature alarms and differential temperature alarms. Optical indicators: The number of channels can be expanded to the maximum number of sensors per channel.




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