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long-range pipeline monitoring by distributed fiber optic sensing Cable temperature measurement

10kV cable temperature measurement system

The current carrying capacity of multi circuit dense laying is difficult to accurately determine, and dense laying often becomes a bottleneck that limits the current carrying capacity of 10kV cables. Whether filling low thermal resistance filling protective materials around the 10kV cable can improve its current carrying capacity requires real-time monitoring of the operation of the cable under dense laying conditions through online monitoring technology, to prevent the cable from endangering its safe operation due to the load exceeding its allowable current carrying capacity, or causing waste when the cable operates below its actual current carrying capacity for a long time. Therefore, it is necessary to study a method that can monitor real-time data, grasp the load situation of cables, and provide a basis for actual operation decisions.

The temperature sensing fiber optic detection system mainly consists of fiber optic sensors (i.e. temperature sensing optical cables), temperature sensing optical cable controllers (temperature measurement hosts), fiber optic temperature measurement software, fiber optic connectors, etc.

1) Temperature sensing optical fiber. Fiber optic sensors are composed of quartz glass fibers with a metal sheath on the outer layer, which can effectively resist chemical corrosion and buffer mechanical impacts, and can work under extremely harsh conditions.

2) Temperature sensing fiber optic cable controller (temperature measurement host). The temperature sensing fiber optic cable controller consists of an optical frequency generator, switching power supply, microprocessor, network interface, etc. Used for photoelectric conversion and information processing to monitor fire information and sensor fault information. The controller has multiple interface forms such as Ethernet and hard wire to connect with other systems.

3) Fiber optic temperature measurement software. The fiber optic temperature measurement software is installed on the temperature sensing fiber optic cable controller. Implement the control, signal processing, display, storage, and printing of the system, as well as the implementation of external interfaces and other extended functions.

Pipeline Temperature Sensing Fiber Optic Online Monitoring System

1) During the preparation process of the pipeline, after the completion of the tensile armor layer, distributed temperature sensing optical fibers are laid on the outer surface of the tensile armor layer;

2) Connection signal demodulation control system
After the installation of the flexible pipeline with built-in distributed temperature sensing optical fiber, the distributed temperature sensing optical fiber is connected to the signal acquisition device through the optical fiber connector on the pipeline joint and the communication optical fiber; The monitoring data is transmitted through a signal acquisition device to a distributed temperature sensing fiber optic temperature demodulator for interpretation;

3) Online monitoring of pipeline implementation
When the temperature inside the pipeline changes, the distributed temperature sensing optical fiber will sense this temperature change and transmit the temperature signal to the distributed temperature sensing optical fiber temperature demodulator; By using a monitoring system, the wavelength signal of the distributed temperature sensing fiber optic is automatically converted into a temperature signal of the polymer outside the pipeline, and displayed in real-time through a display device, thereby obtaining the temperature situation of the flexible pipeline and achieving online safety monitoring of the flexible pipeline.



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