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Fiber optic temperature sensor monitoring on transformer in box type substation

The fiber optic temperature online monitoring system for box type substation transformers can directly monitor the temperature of the low-voltage side circuit breaker contacts, cable joints, and other parts of the box transformer. By using fluorescent fiber optic temperature probes, the temperature of the low-voltage side circuit breaker contacts and cable joints of the box transformer can be sensed, and the operation of the box transformer can be intuitively monitored and evaluated. Overheating problems at the contacts or joints can be detected in advance to avoid adverse effects on the insulation and service life of the box transformer.

The fluorescence fiber optic temperature online monitoring system consists of fluorescence fiber optic temperature sensors, fiber optic temperature sensors (display modules), optical cables, etc. Each box type transformer has no less than 6 temperature measurement points, including the low-voltage side circuit breaker contact temperature (3 points) and cable joint temperature (3 points). The final measurement points will be determined by the project unit. Real time online monitoring and fault alarm can be achieved. In addition to displaying alarm information on site, it can also be transmitted to the monitoring background through RS485 interface and achieve remote monitoring. The temperature monitoring system device has passed the type test integrated with the box transformer and provided relevant inspection reports.

The main technical parameters of the box transformer fiber optic temperature online monitoring system are as follows:
(1) Temperature measurement range: -20~+150 ℃;
(2) Temperature measurement accuracy: ± 1 ℃;
(3) Contact measurement method does not affect the insulation performance of the box transformer; The fluorescent fiber optic sensor has passed the power frequency withstand voltage test, with a 20cm withstand voltage of no less than 80kV, and an inspection report provided;
(4) The system is not affected by the electromagnetic environment inside the substation and provides relevant electromagnetic compatibility test reports;
(5) Capable of saving temperature data and alarm temperature time and other parameters;
(6) The lifespan of the probe shall not be less than 30 years.



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