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The best temperature measurement method for high-voltage cables and cable joints

The traditional temperature measurement methods used in many different dangerous situations such as power equipment now include manual measurement and electronic measurement; The reliable monitoring method of fiber optic temperature measurement can be used to solve the problem of cable temperature monitoring and warning, and to solve the safety hazards of power facilities. The fiber optic temperature measurement device can serve as an important facility for power safety monitoring and digital management, to improve management, improve safety systems, and prevent the occurrence of hidden dangers and accidents.

Fiber optic temperature measurement is an all fiber passive device that has incomparable advantages and characteristics compared to ordinary sensors. It is inherently explosion-proof, non electric sensing, chemically stable, has a long transmission distance, and can be used for absolute measurement of external parameters. In the field of sensors, this characteristic has attracted people’s attention due to its high technological content, good economic benefits, strong penetration ability, and broad market prospects.

Measurement of actual operating temperature of cables

Power cables are cables used for transmitting and distributing electrical energy. They are commonly used in urban underground power grids, power station outgoing lines, internal power supply for industrial and mining enterprises, and underwater transmission lines across rivers and seawater. In power lines, the proportion of cables is gradually increasing. Power cables are cable products used in the backbone lines of the power system to transmit and distribute high-power electrical energy, including various voltage levels of 1-500KV and above, and various insulated power cables. In order to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the power grid and prevent various faults caused by high cable temperatures, it is very important to measure the actual operating temperature of the cables. Furthermore, when measuring the temperature of power cables, a power cable temperature measuring device is required.

In the power supply system, high-voltage lines play an extremely important role as bridges, carrying the transmission of high voltage. Therefore, once a safety accident occurs on high-voltage lines, it is highly likely to cause the power supply system to malfunction. Therefore, the prevention and detection of safety faults in high-voltage lines is very important.

Cable is a type of high-voltage transmission line and an important channel for energy and information transmission in substations. The safe operation of cables is extremely important for the safe operation of substations. Generally, cables are arranged in cable trenches and operate in harsh environments. Therefore, the frequency of cable safety accidents is relatively high, and fire is a frequent occurrence in cable safety accidents. With the rapid development of the power grid and the renovation of urban power grids, the proportion of cables in the power grid is increasing day by day, and the fire prevention problem of cables is also becoming increasingly prominent. In order to effectively prevent cable fire, the traditional method is to wrap fire-resistant tape or install fire-resistant trough boxes on the exposed parts of cables in substations, tunnels, and pipes; Install fire barriers in the tunnel and block the spread of the fire by closing the fire doors in case of fire; Fire sprinkler systems are also installed in large substations. But these fire prevention methods are all passive and cannot understand the real-time situation of cable operation. With the rapid development of the economy, the grounding of high-voltage power supply lines has become a trend. However, most power cable trenches are narrow and enclosed, making it difficult to clean and maintain; It is prone to waterlogging, leading to the accumulation of silt and the accumulation of garbage. Long term accumulation of pollutants and soaking of cables can produce flammable and explosive gases such as methane, ammonia, hydrogen, etc; Causing accelerated cable aging and even threatening the safety of operation and maintenance personnel.

Fiber optic temperature measurement system for cable joints

According to incomplete statistics, cable fires caused by overheating of cable intermediate joints account for more than half of the total cable fires, and faults occurring at cable intermediate joints are not sudden accidents. Often, various faults in the joints generate a large amount of heat, leading to a continuous increase in the temperature of the cable intermediate joints, thereby increasing the leakage current and exacerbating the high-temperature aging of the joint insulation material, ultimately leading to thermal breakdown of the joints and even cable fires. Therefore, it can be seen that the temperature of the cable intermediate joints is an important parameter reflecting its operating status.

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