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Intelligent pipe gallery monitoring and advanced warning system with all fiber optic monitoring

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Security is the foundation for the survival and development of society and enterprises. Security monitoring in some key public areas can help to monitor and alarm safety hazards, prevent situations from escalating, such as tunnels, intelligent communities, factories and mines, bus stations, train stations, etc. Strengthening modern security technology is even more important. Fence net, also known as fence net or guardrail net, is made of high-quality low-carbon steel wire, galvanized iron wire, and welded together. The function of a fence is to isolate or divide areas, protect areas, and so on. However, although the fence can provide regional protection, some disruptors may still damage or climb the fence, causing damage to the fence. So, a fence monitoring measure was proposed.

In the existing fence monitoring measures, personnel can conduct manual patrols to check if anyone intentionally damages or climbs the fence. However, this approach not only requires a large amount of manpower, but also has low efficiency, which may result in the omission of monitoring for intentional destruction or climbing fences. Security and prevention technology has developed in this sense, which is a product of the combination of high-tech technologies such as electronic technology, fiber optic sensor technology, computer technology, and modern communication technology. The distributed fiber optic vibration sensing system is a very cost-effective event sensing system, which has irreplaceable advantages in long-distance applications exceeding 10km.

With the development of fiber optic sensing technology, the physical quantities that can be measured through fiber optic gradually increase, such as vibration, temperature, displacement, etc. Fiber optic vibration sensing technology is increasingly valued, and the market for products based on fiber optic vibration measurement is broad, including fiber optic perimeter prevention systems, border line security prevention systems based on fiber optic vibration, and fiber optic vibration monitoring systems for pipeline transportation. In the process of using existing acoustic monitoring technology, it was found that the sensitivity of acoustic monitoring is low, the monitoring distance is short, the range is small, and the anti-interference ability is low.

A smart pipe gallery monitoring and early warning system with all fiber optic monitoring. It can conduct comprehensive and real-time online monitoring of urban underground comprehensive pipe galleries, as well as advance warning, to solve emergency safety issues of pipe galleries, thereby improving the rapid response and safety control capabilities of pipe gallery operation management, and providing reliable guarantees for ensuring urban safety.




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